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August 8, 2012 by Ish

I see that the new AMSOC Style Guide for Journalists must have begun shipping from the warehouse, because this is a fine bit of hard-hitting news coverage on display today. The newest columnist Chicago Sun-Times, Rahm Emanuel, has written a piece for their Lifestyle section that praises the awesome job being done by first term mayor: Rahm Emanuel.

I don’t even… I’m going to have turn this over to a special guess commentator. Captain Reynolds, you thoughts?
Yes, I know this is actually Nathan Fillion in characters as Rick Castle. It's my blog, he's Captain Reynolds gorramit.


One thought on “Headline News

  1. Julia says:

    What’s sad is it isn’t even his good job, it was apparently Mark Angelson’s–who announced a week ago that he is leaving the government: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20120801/BLOGS02/120739910/mark-angelson-leaves-as-rahms-jobs-czar-credit-suisses-koch-to

    So what the Godfather is really saying is, “Hey, this guy who used to work for me did a great job! Give me credit for it! No seriously, give me credit for it or I’ll break your legs.”

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