One wonders…


August 9, 2012 by Julia

Has anyone ever asked these people hard questions before?

Caleb Bonham interviews attendees at the Obama/Fluke rally.

It reminds me of talking to the people who still swear by fansubs of licensed or simulcast series–if you call them on being thieves, they sputter and whine with the same old excuses, but in the end, their position makes no internal sense.  You want to watch the shows at the same time they air in Japan?  Okay, buy a Crunchyroll membership.  You can’t afford $7/month?  Okay, maybe you should watch each episode for free on the week delay while you save up your money.  What?  You demand to watch it immediately even if you don’t want to pay?  Since when did watching Japanese television become a civil right?

Hmm, that was a better analogy than I expected.


One thought on “One wonders…

  1. Ish says:

    I’ll admit, I got really worried when I read the words “Obama/Fluke rally.” I never thought the prospect of Joe Biden staying for a second term as Veep would be something I would se as a positive.

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