The obligatory Todd Akin post


August 21, 2012 by Julia

All the conservative blogs have to have one, right?

Let’s recap.  Todd Akin, a US Rep. from Missouri running for the Senate against Sen. Claire McCaskill (specifically, her hand-picked opponent), said, ““It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy resulting from rape is] really rare.  If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”  He appears to be echoing an earlier statement by Whoopi Goldberg, distinguishing between “rape-rape” and “rape,” except he also tried to throw in some science.

I feel like it’s expected of me to add a disclaimer stating that I vehemently disgree with Akin and I’m not defending him, etc. etc.  Well, I’m not going to.  Use your reading comprehension skills to figure out what I think.  If you want to jump to your own conclusions, be my guest.

There’s three issues here:  the question of what constitutes “legitimate rape” and “rape-rape,” what science says about women getting pregnant as the result of rape, and how the Left reacted.

Presumably, the distinction both Akin and Goldberg were trying to make was between forcible, non-consensual sex (“legitimate rape,” “rape-rape”) and things that are called “rape” but really don’t fit the “forcible, non-consensual” definition, such as statutory rape or belated accusations that consensual sex was actually non-consensual once a woman finds out that she is pregnant as a result (“illegitimate rape,” “rape”).  Both of them did a pretty terrible job making this distinction.  Goldberg can be somewhat forgiven, because she is allegedly an entertainer, and has no job requirements that she 1. understand such things and 2. clearly articulate them.  These are, however, requirements of Akin’s job as a United States Representative, and of the job he seeks, that of United States Senator.  So, right off the bat, dude’s not qualified for either job.

(this is a good time to note that I do not, as a rule, attack people mercilessly for simple stuttering or slips of the tongue.  All humans do it, and I think attacks on those grounds are unfair.  Let he who does not stutter cast the first smart-ass comment, and all.  You might get some jokes, but I will not declare someone stupid for it.  That said, artful presentation of your ideas is a requirement for being a politician.  “You didn’t build that” and “Spread the wealth around” are fair game, “57 states” and “corpseman” are not)

Now, I don’t do Science, so I can’t tell you off the top of my head if Akin’s science is good or bad.  Akin says he understands from “doctors” that women have natural defenses against rape-based pregnancies.  Well, okay, which doctors?  Because if there is, in fact, someone with a medical degree saying this, and Akin, who is not a doctor, believes him or her, then Akin really can’t reasonably shoulder all the blame.  We never find out which doctors, which means they’re probably Harry Reid‘s doctors–i.e. not credible.  But according to Dr. Internet, this position is, in fact, espoused by this doctor (The Atlantic has some additional political examples; this is, apparently, not a new thing).  There appear to be many articles disagreeing with Dr. Wilkes, but since they almost all rely on sarcasm instead of Actual Science (funny, that), this article at MSN Money (WTF, off-topic?) is the only one I am linking.  It’s from Reuters, but the MSN Money edition is the first one that came up on Google.  I’m going to conclude that the science is probably not in support of Akin’s comment, although if he really did hear it from an actual doctor, I’ll give him back a little credit.

Ugh, the problem with a section on the shit liberals have to say about this is actually having to READ that shit.  It makes me feel dirty.

But, the fact of the matter is, the Left is having a field day with this.  You have to remember that when Obama or Biden or Wasserman-Shultz or Pelosi or Reid or [insert Democrat here] says something stupid, the mainstream media doesn’t cover it.  Therefore, no one knows about it but us conservatives who read blogs all day.  When a conservative says something stupid OMG IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD MUST HAVE 24/7 COVERAGE WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!  We can’t forget that the media is not on our side, and the Alinskyites don’t play fair.

Since every liberal with an internet connection had to comment on this story yesterday, we’ve got a startling array of comments to sift through.  This comment section is a great example, and here is the original Daily Kos story (there are several follow-up pieces, but they are all pretty much variants on “Republicans are lying when they say they disagree with Akin”).  So, if you have the stomach to read the comments sections, you can see such genius political analysis as “all Republicans agree with this,” “the Republicans clearly hate women,” “the Republicans are saying that women are asking to be raped,” “the Republicans are saying that if a woman is pregnant, it wasn’t a rape,” and the most random of all, “Republicans are racist, so ‘legitimate rape’ is a black man having sex with a white woman.”  Frankly, some conservatives repeated these themes (I’m disappointed in the Independent Woman’s Forum specifically, which purposely misinterpreted the comments.  Criticize what he actually said all you want, but don’t put words in his mouth), but the Left is really running with it.

Here’s a list of hypocrisies I’ve noticed.  If you have more to add, let me know in the comments.

  • The same liberals lambasting Akin are still in love with accused rapist Bill Clinton and accused attempted rapist Al Gore.  So, a dude making a supid comment about rape IS WORSE THAN someone who may have committed or attempted to commit rape?  Perspective, people.
  • Akin is all over the news for saying three stupid sentences.  Floyd Corkins attempted to commit mass murder last week for admittedly political reasons and was barely on the news.  Saying three sentences is apparently more newsworthy than actually shooting at people with whom you disagree politically.  Duly noted.
  • Todd Akin represents and speaks for all Republicans, even the ones who said he is wrong (especially Mitt Romney).  But the Muslim clerics who accuse Jews of making matzo with the blood of Christian children absolutely do NOT represent all Muslims.  (of course neither individual represents his group–they are both individuals who speak for themselves alone.  That’s where the hypocrisy comes from–any thinking person would see Republicans denouncing Akin, and conclude that he does not speak for other Republicans, just like they conclude that Al-Odeh does not speak for all Muslims.  But the Left doesn’t really do that “thinking” thing too well, so creepy dudes from preferred minorities are “outliers” while creepy Republican dudes are “mainstream,” even though NEITHER man speaks for his group)
  • Speaking of creepy dudes, why are we talking about Akin and not Kerry Gauthier?  Sure, he’s only a State Rep., but he is ACTUALLY having (apparently legal) sex with children in the bushes at truck stops.  Again, words are TOTALLY WORSE than actions, y’all.
  • What I consider the most egregious:  the Twitter lynch mob’s twisted reaction that rape is terrible, so they hope Akin (or his daughter) gets raped.  Not only is it an extra-creepy type of hypocrisy (if rape is so bad, why would you wish it on someone?), but beyond disgusting, because yes, rape IS bad, and no, it’s NOT FUNNY or WITTY to wish rape on someone.  We’re lucky that no politician has . . .
  • Oh, wait, too late.  Akin makes a scientifically inaccurate and incredibly insensitive comment about rape, and it’s the end of the world.  Joe Biden actually wishes opponents of the stimulus bill would be raped, and . . . crickets, from the media and internet liberals alike.  THAT, folks, wins for biggest hypocrisy (and Biden wins for biggest disgusting asshole).

Akin did a weak apology, but at this point, he’s a liability.  He made stupid (either because he spoke without talking to experts or talked to the wrong experts) comments and phrased them offensively.  He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who wants to see people raped (you know, like our vice president), but I doubt he can do his job well, and he does not appear to be very bright.  Further, from a purely politico-strategic standpoint, we need to jettison anyone who takes us off-message.  We could have the Missouri Senate seat–the people hate Claire McCaskill, and the last thing we need is some idiot who was only nominated in the first place because McCaskill helped him ruining that for us.  Romney/Ryan also cannot afford to get off-message for a second.  Obama tries to drag them away from the economy every week with new ridiculous non-story; why would the GOP do that to themselves?

Get rid of Akin and get back on topic.  We’ll never get through to the bigoted Left, but the rest of the country knows the drill:  it’s the economy, stupid.


The comments section at this Althouse post has a fantastic discussion of the issues.


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