Meet Real Oppression

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August 23, 2012 by Julia

If you want to see what real oppression looks like, you need to review the story of Rimsha Masih and her fellow Pakistani Christians.  Blasphemy laws used to escalate religious (or even personal) vendettas, mob violence, forcing people from their homes . . . heart-breaking (and so close on the heels of the story of Samiha).

Remember Rimsha and Samiha the next time CAIR and its friends turn non-events or simple acts of rudeness into hate crimes (or recommend that criticism of Islam be considered racial discrimination).

(I refused to put a disclaimer on the Akin post out of sheer contrariness, but I’m putting one here, because I have a good friend from college who is a devout Pakistani Muslim, and I would be horrified if anyone ever thought I was criticizing her or all of Islam over the acts of a few.  I think I’ve been pretty clear about my conviction that the actions of radical Islamists do not represent the hearts and minds of most Muslims.  I’ll just link to this disclaimer in the future, but please know that I have the utmost respect for peaceful Islam, and no respect for totalitarian regimes)


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