Two Minutes Hate – 8/24/12

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August 26, 2012 by Julia

(Yes, it’s late, I know.  I’m leaving the right date in the title, even though I totally talk about things that happened today.  Enjoy the paradox–or don’t, if you play a lot of Mage)

1. Alleged Republican Women for Obama – You may have heard about this Obama ad, which purports to include the stories of Republican women who have suddenly decided that the Republican party is full of evil men who want to enslave women.  Nevermind that Republican women are generally awesome, badass, and NOT enslaved–no, no, Republicans are just evil, misogynist men.

The ad includes this line (for real):   “If you are a conservative woman and you believe in small government, then Barack Obama should be your candidate – he is the one that is keeping the government out of the decisions that should be between you and God, and you and your conscience.”  WOW.  Obama must think I’m a moron (who really thinks less of women, hmmm?  Paul Ryan believes that I can do math, and Barack Obama thinks I’m too stupid to understand Obamacare).  Here’s the deal.  Mitt Romney is no small government savior; Paul Ryan can be, but hasn’t always voted that way.  But guess who has NEVER shrunk the size of government?  Yeah, President Obama.  Mitt Romney talks the talk, and while I don’t think he will walk the walk 100% of the time, at least he won’t make it as bad as the President will if given a second term.  I trust Romney to create jobs MUCH more than I trust Obama to do so.

Further, Obama hasn’t even done what the woman said he has done (“keeping the government out of the decisions that should be between you and God, and you and your conscience.”)!  Really?  REALLY?!  Obama wants me to take political advice from someone who thinks being FORCED AGAINST MY WILL BY THE GOVERNMENT to purchase types of health insurance coverage I don’t actually want is “keeping the government out?”  Either she’s too stupid to understand Obamacare (oh, THAT’s where Obama got the idea) or she’s too stupid to realize she’s being lied to about the Republican platform–regardless, hardly someone from whom I take advice.

The icing?  At least two of the women are liberal activists.  Sooooo . . . how dramatic was that conversion?  Did they JUST SUDDENLY NOW realize that the Republicans are not socialists?  Are they particularly susceptible to the promise of free things?

I get so mad every time the Democrats suggest the only issues in the world I should care about are the so-called “women’s issues.”  It’s nothing but a distraction–if I vote with my vagina instead of my brain, maybe I won’t see how much damage their policies do to the economy.  No one has a job or any money, but at least I can commit infanticide without government interference!  Like, I said, they must think I’m dumb.

2. Harrison Bergeron-style radical leveling in action – A Berkeley (where else?) high school is considering cancelling the labs for its science AP classes because whites are more successful than minorities.  Genius.  Instead of raising up the people on the bottom, let’s tear down the people at the top.  Sound familiar?  If whites are still more successful after the labs are cancelled, I wonder if they will start to handicap the whites–like loud buzzing in their ears and things.  Just saying.

3. Ruining a solemn occasion with childish, bigoted sniping – Mitt Romney’s tribute to Neil Armstrong was, I thought, very poignant:  “Neil Armstrong today takes his place in the hall of heroes. The moon will miss its first son of earth.”  He used poetic imagery to invoke the grandeur of the first human to walk on the moon–unobjectionable, right?

Of COURSE not!  Mia Farrow and her liberal friends never let a sentence go unused for the purpose of attacking Mitt Romney.  Romney could walk up to someone, shake his hand, and say, “How are you today?” and the Left would find something to bitch about. Indeed, an Actual Representative of our President even added some religious bigotry in there (and then doubled-down and ADMITTED it was bigotry).  FYI, it was warranted because Mitt Romney joked about being born in Michigan.  Obviously.


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