Anti-War Code Pink Declares War on Successful Women


August 30, 2012 by Ish

Sooo… In the red corner we’ve got Mia Love, Condoleezza Rice*, Ann Romney, Susana Martinez.  In the blue corner it’s Jodie Evans heckling from the peanut gallery, Medea Benjamin trying to “arrest” Dr. Rice, and a dozen or so of their followers dressed as giant labia.

Which side is the one that is meant to be treating women as incapable of accomplishing anything other than makin’ babies? Because from my perspective, one party believes women can be mayors, congresswomen, governors, secretaries of state… and, yes, wives and mothers.  The crew from Code Pink seems to think a woman, apparently, has no motivation to vote and no goals in politics other than her uterus. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about taxes, national defense, deficits, education, or any of those complicated other issues, vote with your vaa-jay-jay.

* In my googling for a link to Condi’s speech, I found that Hollywood Reporter is running with the story that Rice might have had lipstick on her teeth during her speech. Yeah, I know it is only cheap gossip rag, but Jesus… that’s just pathetic.


4 thoughts on “Anti-War Code Pink Declares War on Successful Women

  1. Julia says:

    Halfway through Susana Martinez’s speech last night, I was like . . . WHY THE HELL am I not being given the chance to vote for a Rice/Martinez (or Martinez/Rice) ticket? The GOP has intelligent, strong, badass women whome we adore, and all anyone has to say about us is that we’re declaring war on women? Seriously, if Condoleezza Rice declared war on you, you would know it. Trust me.

  2. […] and gendercide… Hell, I’ll pony up the $1,000 a year that is standing in the way of Sandra Fluke’s vagina becoming an Olympic […]

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