Two Minutes Hate 8/31/12

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August 31, 2012 by Julia

1. Eric Holder’s DOJ sues a public library for lending e-books “inaccessible” to the blind – Seriously.  Listen, I get that e-book readers are available that have features which help the blind (such as text-to-speech audio).  That’s a great innovation, and a cool idea for the library to implement . . . some day.  It is absolutely ridiculous to insist that a brand new pilot program plan for everything and everyone–that’s the ENTIRE POINT of a pilot program!  If during this pilot program, a blind person was like, “Hey, I’d like to borrow an e-book reader to listen to audio books, do you have something like that?” an answer of, “Not yet, but when we fully implement the program, we will make sure to have something available now that we know there is a demand,” would be perfectly fine.  That is in NO WAY “discrimination.”  Would a pilot program only available in half of the libraries discriminate against people who use other libraries?  Do hard-copy books that are not also available in Braille discriminate against the blind?  Besides, who runs to the federal government before approaching library staff and simply asking?  Although, it kind of sounds like the DOJ was specifically looking for someone to use as an excuse to go after the library, which is just plain WEIRD.  Forget who wins the election, Eric Holder has got to go.

2.  Things that liberals said were racist or otherwise offensive this week:  holding down the fort, Yuengling Black and Tan beer, going Dutch, rule of thumb, handicap, President Obama perhaps wanting to play on the PGA Tourmentioning the city of Chicago, and Clint Eastwood (bonus: the phrase “shut your face” is also racist when spoken to Spike Lee).

3.  Things that were actually racist or otherwise offensive this week:  #NegroSpotting (yeah, the party that invented the KKK was counting conservative African-Americans, which is REALLY SUPER CREEPY), the liberal response to Mia Love (oh, THAT’s what the Left does after “spotting” someone . . . UGH, shameful), Jason Biggs (yes, two different links, because he’s STILL GOING), Star Jones, and . . . you know what, that’s it, I’m done.  These people are so disgusting that I can’t read any more.

Republicans talk about THE CITY OF CHICAGO–you know, an actual city that is called Chicago and which happens to be the place where the President got his start in politics–and get called racist, while liberals run around calling black people “house n—–s,” which is somehow just fine?  Does anyone take these people seriously?  They lose all credibility as spokespeople for the downtrodden when all they do to help is decry random vocabulary words while engaging in racist attacks themselves.  Every single one of them should sit down for a few hours with Runaway Slave and consider why the Left is so insistent on finding racism where any reasonable person would see a noun.

Like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., I look for character, not color.  If you say something awesome, I don’t care what you look like; meanwhile, this particular segment of the Left ONLY sees color, and attacks people of color who do not toe the line.  Who, exactly, is the racist?

Final thought:  if all of these things are “racist code words” or “dog whistles” to rile up the racist Republican base . . . how come the only people who can hear them are Democrats?

For your happy thought for the night, here is Gov. Susana Martinez’s speech.  This woman is AWESOME, and I want to vote for her for president in 2020.

P.S. If the only argument they can make against us is that Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair is racist, well, I think we’ve won the policy debate.


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