Leave Lego Alone


September 5, 2012 by Ish

No. Just, no. You can have your biased Title IX, you can have a majority of college admissions, you can have Affirmative Action, I’ll give you legal infanticide and gendercide… Hell, I’ll pony up the $1,000 a year that is standing in the way of Sandra Fluke’s vagina becoming an Olympic champion.

But you do not get to mess with Lego, dammit!

When I was a kid, from roughly age five to fifteen, I amassed a collection of Lego briks that could have filled a medium-sized passenger van… the whole thing, not just the cargo compartment. At 31, I still have a small collection of favorite Lego sets and constantly wish I had a larger living space to expand. My two daughters, ages six and three, seem to have inherited daddy’s Lego-gene and have taken to the toys themselves. Given free range of the local Lego Store, both head directly for the Lego Friends products… apparently, my six-year old daughter is a misogynist.


3 thoughts on “Leave Lego Alone

  1. lelnet says:

    If they hadn’t gone over to the whole “all the parts you need to build _this one model we’ve helpfully put a picture of on the box_” thing, Lego would probably be a fierce competitor (battling principally against Amazon, but with the neighborhood purveyor of kitchen gadgets as a dark-horse) for the title of “which purveyor of inanimate objects is going to eventually crowd me out of my own home”. Certainly that would’ve been the way to bet based on my childhood.

    But even though I disagree with some of the choices they’ve made in the *mumble* years since I transitioned from their target demo to their “guilty pleasure” demo, I still stand firm on this issue.

    Feminist Crusaders? HANDS OFF LEGO!

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    I have 2 young daughters (5 and 8). I let them pick their OWN toys (within certain limits, no chainsaws etc.) and they, as little girls often do, naturally gravitate to pink and purple. They have the pink legos. Big fat hairy deal! They are perfectly able to figure out for themselves what they like and what they don’t like. Why do the feminists seem to think that girls are too stupid to know what they like?


    • Julia says:

      Because little girls are BRAINWASHED by the PATRIARCHY into thinking they like those things, but they really don’t. See, most females are too simple-minded to see through the patriachy’s lies, so they get tricked into playing with toys that enforce oppressive stereotypes, which is how the evil men keep us enslaved. Only the feminists are smart enough to see through the lies and trickery, so they will drag the rest of us poor, stupid women into “equality,” whether we want it or not. /sarc

      Really, the feminists are out of Actual Sexism, but without sexism to fight, they have no reason to get mad and raise money, and no reason to be important anymore–so they invent things to get made about. The race profiteers do the exact same thing. The whole thing is a self-righteous sham.

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