More Ellen Barkin


September 5, 2012 by Ish

A tip of the hat to Breda, who posted this a few days ago, but I only just now had time to share it. Our good friend, Ellen Barkin, shares the opinion common to many who oppose the right to self-defense that the Second Amendment ought to be limited to the tools available in 1789.

The fact that Ellen Barkin said this while exercising her right to free speech on Twitter and makes a living exercising her right to free speech via motion pictures and television, well, that’s just gravy.


2 thoughts on “More Ellen Barkin

  1. lelnet says:

    But she’s right. The 2nd Amendment is no more about “semi-automatic machine guns” than it’s about five-legged quadrupeds, dry water, or sane government policies. 🙂

    • Ish says:

      I was going to give Barkin a pass on the laughably wrong terminology, since she was just repeating that bit from the original poster. That no gun control advocate is capable of even looking up “semi-automatic” at Wikipedia is just one of those things you see so often from these folks that is just becomes white noise…

      (In much the same way that frequent cries of “rascist!” over evey little thing has caused me to tune out the sorts of folks that would call me racist for using the phrase “white noise.”)

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