Stop Calling Yourselves Pro-Choice


September 7, 2012 by Ish

Why is it that the political party that claims to support and champion the right of the people to make unfettered choices in their sexual affairs doesn’t trust those same people to make their own choice in their political affairs?

Why is it that the political party that supports the freedom for a fifteen year old girls make her own choices about abortion, without parental notification, does not trust a forty-five year old woman with the freedom to make her own investment choices with her retirement funds?

Why is it that despite at least 40 years of failure in the public schools, progressives oppose any changes to the public education system?  Specifically, why do they fight against every school choice program ever proposed?

Why don’t they trust women to make their own choices regarding soft drinks? Light bulbs? Toilets? Seatbelts? Motorcycle helmets? Desk chairs? Video games? Movies? Television shows?

You are not pro-choice. You do not support a woman’s — or man’s —  individual rights, and you do not trust their individual decision-making. You don’t trust their individual decision-making regarding sex, its consequences, or their ability to raise children. You are pro-abortion.


One thought on “Stop Calling Yourselves Pro-Choice

  1. […] Aren’t the Democrats the self-proclaimed “pro-choice” party? Not that this applies to what schools you send your children to, which businesses can sell us products, whom banks can loan money to, our toilet’s flushing capacity, our motorcycle helmet use, the light-bulbs we can buy, the soda-sizes we can drink, the amount of salt we can put on our food, whom we can marry, if we can smoke marijuana, not wear seat-belts, partake of video games or movies or books with violent content, exercise our human right to self-defense, civil rights for non-white folk, or… hmm… okay, so maybe they’re not in favor of choice at all. […]

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