The Big Lie

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September 8, 2012 by Julia

Again with the Nazis, right?  Sen. Sherrod Brown has accused his (Jewish) Republican opponent, Josh Mandel, of being “the candidate of the big lie.”  These people seem obsessed with Nazis for some reason . . .

Except not.  Don’t get me wrong, all this Nazi-ing doesn’t look good for the Dems, but I can’t get mad about this one.  Sen. Brown did not say that Mandel is like Goebbels or Hitler specifically, he only alleged that Mandel is using an Actual Technique called “the big lie.”  Yes, this technique was in fact invented (or, more likely, just named) by Adolf Hitler.  But he is describing a technique which was, frankly, probably in use since the dawn of humanity.  It is simply one of the tools in the bag of the propagandist.  If someone is allegedly using this technique, the fact of his being Jewish should not prevent someone from calling out its usage; you cannot insulate yourself from criticism for allegedly using shady techniques by relying on your race.  That’s what liberals do, and we should not sink that low.  (I am not saying Mandel is using the Big Lie technique, just that Sen. Brown has alleged it.  I am also explicitly saying that this usage is acceptable only because there is no accompanying references to Nazis.  Had Sen. Brown added a “like Hitler” to the end, then no, it would be ghastly)

That said, this is third Big Lie accusation that I have heard this week.  They are obsessed with painting us not, I think, as Nazis, but as liars.   This is really a cousin to the “RACIST!” technique:  if the Dems can convince voters that prominent Republicans are liars, then voters will not believe their statements, especially (hope the Dems) those involving numbers or the economy.  Similarly, if the Dems can brand us as racists, no one will take us seriously–because who takes racists seriously these days?  The racism gambit includes the added bonus of not having to respond to the content of someone’s argument, both because the conversation has been sidetracked and because they can credibly claim to not talk to racists.

You know what’s funny about that?  I’m sure you’ve figured it out:  the Liar Technique and the Racism Technique are examples of the Big Lie in action!  Republicans are not all liars or racists, but that won’t stop the Dems!  No, they’re going to continue insisting that we are in fact lying racists until either everyone believes it or everyone laughs at them and their party has no more credibility.  By repeating these lies over and over, they get the idea to stick in pop culture (at least, that’s the plan).  Those Republicans?  A bunch of lying racists, all of them.  Maybe they will start calling us lyists?  Nevermind the TRUTH, we have a narrative to push!

Something else that’s funny?  The Democrat party has been telling some whoppers of late beyond their usage of the big lie re: lying and racism.  Further, the Dems are the ones who only see color (or other dividing characteristics).  Forget about character, all they notice is what someone’s skin looks like.  Saying President Obama plays golf so often he appears to be auditioning for the PGA Tour is not a dig at someone who plays a lot of golf, oh no–it was said about a black man, so it is racist.  Instead of responding to the actual point being raised (whether playing so much golf means that the president is shirking his duty), all they do is is focus on the race of the person about whom the statement was made.  Hmmmm, I wonder who the real liars and racists are . . .

(also, check out the comments thread on the original Examiner story–lots of interesting points)


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