Two Minutes Hate 9/7/12

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September 8, 2012 by Julia

1. Tolerant Dems demonstrate the New Tone – Check out the whole article, but here are the graph and video (the video may or may not embed properly–if not, use the link):



(for the record, I can’t stand the Daily Show.  Jon Stewart makes me scream in wordless rage every time he tries to make a joke that blatantly ignores reality.  His brand of humor is only funny if you’re making fun of things that really happened–i.e. someone’s actual poor decision.  Pretending that there is no reasonable explanation for that decision does make your statement funny, it makes you look like a moron)

2.  Jesse Jackson thinks we measure how godly we are by our government programs.  I especially don’t like this sort of argument, because it completely subverts Jesus’ message–which was for individual children of God, not governments.  Individuals should be charitable and seek peace in their own lives, but Jesus gave no directions for how governments should operate.  But then again, I’m not in the habit of getting my religious education from Jesse Jackson.  I’ll stick to the actual words of Christ, thanks.

3. This opinion piece from Rachel Campos-Duffy, in response to Eva Longoria, is very interesting.  It does not make me mad–but the comments, the comments!  If you don’t have high blood pressure, check out the self-righteous liberals getting on their high horses.  It’s actually a perfect example of how these people argue:  say a controversial thing, then attack the grammar and spelling of anyone who disagrees instead of addressing the content of the disagreement, insult other people and insist that they must be less knowledgeable, and then, when asked a hard question, declare that they have been threatened and report whoever asked the question.  Anything to avoid actually defending their position, of course.


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