Another Reason to Carry


September 10, 2012 by Ish

Before today, I’d never read nor even heard of the blog UnWinona, until today when one story of hers starting making the rounds in the gun-nut half of the blog-o-sphere. Winona, which I presume is the blogger’s name, has a light-hearted blog mostly filled with comic book references and Doctor Who jokes… so, naturally, I like her already. But she shares this disturbing story about riding the subway in Los Angeles, which I could not stop reading:

I’m frozen in place, trying to plan what I’m going to do if he decides to take all this rage directly to me.  I’m ready to kick him, scream, make enough noise that he panics and flees.

At this point he’s punching the walls and doors of the train, screaming at me.  He stares me full in the face and screams







This is why I will never, ever understand the arguments in favor of gun control. Thankfully, nothing came of this encounter other than the threat of violence… but, there is no way a reasonable person could deny that this easily could have turned ugly.

How often do we read headlines like “woman abducted from her office” or “search continues for jogger missing since Sunday”. It happens to men, too, but women tend to be picked out by criminals with no provocation of their own. I don’t know about you, but I think it is well past time that the goblins of our society stopped thinking of women as “easy prey”? Self defense is a human right.

Image by Oleg Volk, 2011.


11 thoughts on “Another Reason to Carry

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I never did quite understand the outfit in the Oleg pic. Where is this woman going that she is dressed like this? (not that she doesn’t have the right to, I just find it odd).

    That aside, I agree. On the podcast that I do with a few friends, we were talking about different forms of paraphilia. In one, the person “gets off” on fantasizing about themselves as the opposite gender. That lead us to the “what if” of temporarily switching bodies with someone of the opposite sex just to see what it’s like. I contended that I would only do so if I could switch with a woman who has a concealed carry permit because NO WAY would I want to walk around as a woman, even for a short time, without being armed to the teeth!


  2. AngelaG says:

    Stuart: Where is she going in a business suit? … If it’s her shirt that’s confusing you, it’s common for women to wear lacy camis under business suits.

    Stories like Winona’s are the reason I was so eager to live off-campus in college, and why I didn’t like working for my university. Fortunately nothing happened to make regret not being armed, but I was mightily hacked off when our student president went to Baton Rouge to speak against a bill that would have allowed concealed carry on campus.

    • Stuart the Viking says:

      Ok, I guess it’s probably a whole lot more comfortable than a stuffy shirt and tie. Having never had a fancy enough job to work around people wearing suits, I had no idea.

      Wait… I did work at that one place… <<>> Now that was a mental image i didn’t need! LOL!


    • Julia says:

      “If it’s her shirt that’s confusing you, it’s common for women to wear lacy camis under business suits.”

      Totally off-topic, but . . . this is true? I wear a suit every day, and while I have a whole closet rack full of sleeveless shells, I’ve never worn a cami under a suit. Am I just not fashionable? (I’m not being sarcastic here, it’s honestly something I have never seen, even from my co-workers or in court).

      I thought the shirt in the picture looked like a nightgown at first glance.

      • Ish says:

        It’s not appropriate for a legal setting, which tends to a much more conservative fashion aesthetic. But I’ve seen the look in other fields, where women (and men), can be a bit more expressive with their clothing choices…

        But, you gotta love the irony of a discussion about “what was she wearing,” breaking out frm a post on a woman’s right to carry to protect herself from assault. I know none of us actually think clothing is grounds for harassment… but, yeah, something about it just makes me smile.

      • Julia says:

        I’m always kind of horrified by what the judges on Project Runway consider appropriate “for work,” so I guess I understand . . . my firm is technically business casual, but even then, the women do not dress especially trendy, which I suppose is a hallmark of the legal industry. (I always wear a suit because I think attorneys should look like attorneys, period. Plus, I don’t have a lot of business casual clothes, so it would be expensive to switch)

        Talking about what she is wearing may be a result of the audience here. A certain segment of the populations would be like “ZOMGGUN!!!!” We all believe women should be able to carry weapons to protect themselves (this is SO OBVIOUS, why isn’t NOW supporting this effort?! Nothing screams “empowerment” like pointing a gun at a wannabe rapist), so the gun isn’t a big deal–a shirt that looks like a nightgown paired with a nice business suit is more startling to me, but I think I may just be sheltered.

  3. Ish says:

    Being an Oleg Volk photograph, it’s being done in his studio… so, in truth, she’s not going anywhere. ^_^,

    It is an odd choice of clothing, IMHO, but I have seen women sporting more or less the same look “in the real world,” so who can say? But, the point isn’t so much the lacy garments as the .38 Special she’s chosen as an accessory.

  4. Red says:

    Excellent article.

    The outfit I thought was fine, it’s an actual tank top style cami that is not lingerie. Seriously though it’s the last time I allow Oleg to pick the photoshoot wardrobe. 😉

    • Ish says:

      Okay, between Red, April, and the Tam, that’s three former Oleg models to comment on our little blog. I’m starting to feel like a real blogger… now, I just need TTAG to rip me off.

  5. iamrising says:

    *Representin’* Hey I thought it sucked when you made the person-who-has-violence-issues comments all big and bold like that. I had no choice but to read them. Man. That voice should be in a scribbly scary font, and then the women who stops-it-in-its-tracks should be solid, bold and loudest.

    But either way success for the gun-team. How can I *NOT* want to go around armed and trained to defend, when I realize that’s a potential mentality out there not only facing myself, but my daughters as well? *UGH* Thanks for the heads up, even though it was kind of a flick on the head with a footstomp.

    • Ish says:

      I thought about censoring his words, but ultimately decided against it for two reasons. The original author left them unedited, and it seemed a little dishonest to change them in the quote… but, most importantly, because I think the full impact needs to be felt by having the naked bile on display.

      This story being set in California, I’m going to have to assume the woman sharing the story is unarmed. She seems to have made all the right decisions, under the circumstance, as nothing too terrible happened… but, had this guy had even one less card in his already short deck. Scary.

      But as an example of why the right to keep and bear arms outside the home is so fundamental, I don’t think I’ve ever seen better.

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