Throw the embassy under the bus, why don’t you?


September 12, 2012 by Julia

Finally, some explanation for what the heck was going on during Foreign Policy Amateur Hour today.  I am willing to believe that one dude acted without permission, but seriously, what kind of operation are you running where that even happens in our embassy in Cairo, which is kind of important right now?

The media’s condemnation of Romney is not justified, by the way.  We now know that the statement was issued around four hours before the protests started, but it knew the protests were coming when the statement was issued (oddly enough, USA Today leaves out the offensive statement from the timeline entirely, but the protests were clearly planned before noon on Tuesday).  So, calling the statement the first response to the protests is not wholly unreasonable, since it was obviously issued in anticipation of protests.  Further, whether or not the State Department or President Obama approved or disapproved of it, embassies are, in fact, the representatives of America and the administration.  The embassies and ambassadors speak for the president, period.

Besides, you can’t blame Romney when early articles mentioning the statement did not set forth the timeline.  I mean, yes, obviously we can fault Romney for relying on the mainstream media, because we all know how incompetent they are, but really, his statement was justifiable given the available information.

And to top it off?  The embassy reiterated its statement LATER THAT NIGHT–i.e. Tuesday night, after the protests.  So the embassy, speaking for the president (because that’s what embassies do), doubled down on the statement after the protests.  Hmmm.

As AllahPundit points out, Romney and Obama ostensibly AGREE that the statement was wrong-headed.  So . . . what’s the problem here, again?  Is Barack Obama seriously going to get up and scold Romney for agreeing with him?


One thought on “Throw the embassy under the bus, why don’t you?

  1. Ish says:

    Diplomats don’t get to say they chose their words poorly, because chosing words well is the whole fucking point of your GODDAMN job!

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