Incompetance abounds


September 14, 2012 by Julia

More details are emerging on Foreign Policy Amateur Hour.  To sum up the big points reported by the Independent, the Libya attack may have been retribution for a drone strike on al Qaeda, the US had a credible warning at least two days earlier, and oh yeah, someone is stealing classified documents from the US consulate in Libya.

Over in Egypt, the Pentagon is denying multiple reports that the Marines defending the embassy were not allowed to carry live ammo.  On the top of that, former president Jimmy Carter “corrected” current president Barack Obama and stated that Egypt is our ally, he knows Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi well, and Morsi is dedicated to peace and democracy.  Being corrected by Carter would be the height of insults if he weren’t laughably wrong–although maybe Carter is the source of the Obama administration’s insistence that the Muslim Brotherhood is all about peace, love, and freedom.  In any event, Obama and the National Security Council now believe that Egypt is our “partner.” (as a side note, isn’t it sad that when I Google to find the stories I remember about Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, all I get are hits from UK papers and conservative blogs?  The US lapdog media isn’t even trying)

Foreign Policy Amateur Hour?  Maybe I should re-name it to National Security Amateur Hour, at this rate.


3 thoughts on “Incompetance abounds

  1. Ish says:

    I wonder how much FedEx will charge to ship the Nobel Peace Prize back to Stockholm.

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    Marines on security duty not having ammo doesn’t surprise me in the least. I was in the Marines 20 years ago; at that time at least Marines were treated like children. I will admit that I was in the air wing (I worked on F/A-18 aircraft) so maybe they treated the grunts better, I don’t know.

    In my opinion, a good answer to these “protests” would be to have a policy at US Embassies and consulates that allows the Marine security detail to take of the kid gloves when they are under attack, and give them a nice arms closet full of some serious firepower with which to defend what amounts to US soil. Any country that doesn’t allow this, we should leave.


    • Julia says:

      That seems so patently obvious–how could we NOT be 100% committed to defending American land? I was honestly surprised to find out that our embassies weren’t already protected that way. We’ve created sitting-duck targets and endangered the lives of everyone in the embassies.

      Thank you for your service! (but I thought Marines were so badass that they don’t NEED weapons? ^_~ )

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