Tales from Liberal-land (part 1)


September 16, 2012 by Julia

This is going to be a new, occasional series where I will share with you silly things that I hear or see from the Left–but from regular people, not the media or politicians.

Today, I have a random Facebook comment from someone trying to convince a Romney supporter to vote for Obama:

Also, there are a lot of bills/new policies, etc.. that he’s tried to push through congress and because they have a republican majority, he hasn’t been able to pass them. He’s been trying to help the country in so many ways but it doesn’t help when republicans care more about their political agenda then to help the country. When it came to reforming healthcare, even though congress didn’t want it, he still pushed it through which a lot of his critics didn’t like because they felt like he was beginning to go against the democratic process but that is his right as president if he feels strongly enough, he can still push a bill through as he did with Obamacare. He cares more about helping this country get the proper healthcare that they need than his political popularity. I feel like he is a genuine person and that’s one of the many reasons, I plan to vote for him this year.

(emphasis added)

This individual is lauding the president for “going against the democratic process,” which is apparently “his right as president,” but only “if he feels strongly enough.”  WOW.

Now, the president can attempt to influence Congress, but he actually has no formal part in the legislative process until the final bill hits his desk (it’s this little thing called the Constitution).  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were actually behind “ObamaCare,” and the president was most likely talked or forced into supporting it because it was the only “solution” that the Left had at the time.  They knew single-payer wouldn’t fly, but they desperately wanted to do SOMETHING, so we got . . . ObamaCare (and its new taxes, penalties, and tax-penalties).

I also strenuously object to the contention that ObamaCare constitutes “helping the country.”  How, exactly, does it help me to be forced to spend more money purchasing insurance coverage options I neither want nor need?  I have no children, so why would I want to pay to keep my kids on my policy until they are 26?  I do not use or intend to use birth control, so why should I have to pay for that coverage?  My husband will never need maternity coverage, so why is he forced to pay for it?  What if I want to accept a lifetime coverage limit in order to pay a lower premium?  I wonder if this person has ever considered the proposition that our “political agenda” is actually just a disagreement over public policy.  Nah, probably not–it’s not in Stephanie Cutter’s talking points.

It blows my mind that anyone can think that a plan that so obviously and clearly does NOTHING to lower the cost of health care is a good idea.  By mandating additional coverage options be included in all policies (whether we want them or not), ObamaCare increases the cost of coverage, while not including one single provision that lowers the cost of care.  In fact, by increasing medical device taxes, it actually increases the cost of care.

But no, no, Obama was helping us by assisting Pelosi and Reid with their attempt to force a bill most of us didn’t want through Congress.  Of course.  I feel so helped right now.  Nevermind that my formerly free health insurance coverage through work is no longer free (thanks, ObamaCare!) and the cost to add my husband to my coverage got so high we had to drop his coverage entirely (thanks, ObamaCare!)–I have been helped.


3 thoughts on “Tales from Liberal-land (part 1)

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I had a conversation with a neighbor the other day who was complaining about the deficit and how much money the federal government was spending. He also expressed concerns over how much the federal government has grown in the last few years and how much it has restricted freedom, thus restraining the economic recovery (along with restraining personal liberty).

    Gee, it almost sounds like words that would (and have) come out of my own mouth.

    THEN, he said that he doesn’t think that 4 years is enough time to really fix anything and that he thinks Obama should have 4 MORE years… just to see what he can do with it if he’s really given a chance.

    I really should give up speaking to people…


    • Julia says:

      *headdesk* What about Barack Obama has made anyone think he has any additional ideas to fix things? None of his other ideas have worked, why should we keep giving him more chances to sink us all?

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