France and Chicago, allies in oppression

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September 21, 2012 by Julia

As I said before, I love free speech.  I don’t care what disgusting thing you want to say or believe, I will defend your right to say and believe it it.  A Chicago alderman conditioning his necessary vote for a subdivision plan on Chick-fil-A promising not to use its speech to advance a certain position?  Blatantly, obviously, undeniably illegal.  France banning protests over specific cartoons?  Well, I’m not an expert on French law, but HOLY CRAP I am happy to be an American today.  Someone would have filed the lawsuit already if the US government tried that.

Perhaps Alderman Moreno would prefer to live in France, where apparently you can issue all the content-based prior restraints on speech you want.  He would probably fit right in with the ruling party–you know, the Socialist Party, which apparently respects the people so much it doesn’t want to hear what they have to say.  Obviously, it would be equally offensive if the government obeyed the angry mob and demanded that the newspapers pull the cartoons–but the angry mob has a right to speak even if everyone (rightly) ignores them.  They don’t have a right to commit or direct violence or property damage, and anyone who does any such thing should go to jail.  But nonviolent protesting must be allowed in order to maintain a free society.

But then again, France doesn’t really care about freedom, does it?


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