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September 24, 2012 by Ish

Goth American Gothic © 2012, Freaking News

So you want to talk big tent politics? Well, here’s your big tent, a brave fellow by the name of JSF is taking the message of conservatism into Los Angeles… specifically the darker and shadowy corners of the Goth subculture. His most recent post, A Message to My Gothy (and Other) Friends: Don’t Fear the GOP — Take It Over!, should be required reading in Political Science courses for two reasons: First, it is a excellent and quick breakdown of the many factions and philosophies within the GOP (although I’d have added actual libertarians to the list). Second, it is a great example of how to tailor your message to a particular subculture… my friends in the Log Cabin Republicans, take note.

I am not a Goth, although in my late-teens and early twenties I did sort of flit around the edges of the scene… I loved the attitude, enjoyed the people, and there was a lot of crossover interest with hobbies I already had (role-playing games, Vertigo comics, obscure films, the 1930s). Heck, one of my first girlfriends was a full-blown Goth and several of my friends to this day are part of the subculture. So I think I get where JSF is coming from, here’s the money quote:

Here in LA (RPLAC) and California (CRP), we on the Right don’t want to rule your life as the Democrats do today.

(Want to know why Ruin cannot stay open past 2 AM? Ask the all Democrat LA City Council! Why can’t you smoke or drink at your leisure? Again, look Left! want to know why Gang Crime still owns one-third of LA? Same people[.])

Needless to say, I think you should Read The Whole Thing.


5 thoughts on “Conservative Gothic

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I have had a few friends over the years who were pretty serious about the legalize it movement (Marajuana), and I often tried to tell them that their best plan of action would be to infiltrate the Republican party and start making changes from the inside. The only thing they will ever get from the Democrats is occasional lip service to keep them voting.

    Nope… They all thought I was crazy.

    Probably am.


  2. Ish says:

    Ask them why they expect the party that doesn’t trust them with the freedom to buy alchohol, cigarettes, soda, music, video games, books, or lightbulbs will ever allow them to purchase narcotics freely. That tends to result in BSOD errors…

  3. Julia says:

    I have a lot of goth friends, because the subculture overlaps with the gamer subculture. Also, I like a lot of their music and some of their clothing (specifically, gothic lolita). My goth friends are all either Actual Socialists (like, they freely admit to it) or general leftists because those GOP squares are, like, totally repressing their freedom to dress and enjoy anything they want. Meanwhile, I’ll be standing there at the exact same concert like, “Really? That position makes sense to you, given that I have attended this concert with you and helped you put on your corset? WTF?”

    I was actually just thinking about this today–certain people who could be swing voters just have this totally wrong (and silly) image in their heads of what Republicans and conservatives are really like, and if you don’t fit their image, they just ignore that you are conservative–total willful blindness. I don’t care what you choose to wear, or what music you listen to! Why would I care about that and want to force you to stop?! The only person trying to take away your music is Tipper Gore. I just want you to stop trying to redistribute my money!

    But then again, the goth subculture is one of the feeders for the unintentionally hilarious and TOTALLY NOT IRONIC alliance of socialists and anarchists . . . so I’m not really sure I have a lot of faith in the political sensibilities of the group as a whole.

    • Ish says:

      The same thing could be — and often is — said of the many subcultures and ethnic blocs that the Democrats have essentially co-opted: blacks, Jews, the LGBT movement, etc.

      Groups like the Log Cabin Republicans, commentators like AlfonZo Rachel or Bob Park, films like Runaway Slave, are all great tools to have to help spread the message that these folks have been, essentially, duped. But boots-on-the-ground outreach like JSF is doing is probably the most effective way to reach people.

      The social conservatives (who I generally find to be reactionary statists, not conservative) have done a lot of harm to the cause and the party. I know that, personally, it was my distaste for the Huckabee’s and Robertson’s of the world that kept me from considering myself a conservative for many years… even though, deep down, I always was. Explaining to people that they are a very small minority — albeit one with a disproportionate level of power — within GOP is key… as is getting active at state level to push them out of the leadership.

      • Julia says:

        But I AM a social conservative (which is why I’m not a big-L Libertarian, since I am not represented if the party platform is not explicitly pro-life, even though the GOP establishment is sometimes as bad for my money as the Dems), so these people should know better. I would think that simply being around me and seeing that I am not trying to enslave anyone would be pretty good outreach, but NO, no, conservatives are still evil oppressors who hate women. OBVIOUSLY.

        I’m almost to the point where I won’t let things slide out of politeness anymore. If you’re going to make ridiculous statements about conservatives, have the balls to tell me to my face that you think I’m like that–and if you DON’T think that, then don’t insult me be saying I would associate with people who are (i.e. “Well, YOU’RE not like that, but a lot of them are”).

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