Savages, Civilization, and Empty Chairs (Graphic Content Warning)


October 2, 2012 by Ish

Recently, headlines were grabbed by an Egyptian-American attention whore journalist who took issue with an advertisement urging support of Israel against the jihadists. That ad read, in part, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” Well folks, there is another war being waged in the middle east in addition the one between the civilized nation of Israel and the religious fanatics that do savage things in the name of jihad. It is a war between civilized people and the barbarians that rule over them.

This video is from Syria, and it is not easily viewed: the content is GRAPHIC and BRUTAL. You may need to log into YouTube to watch it, but even if all you see is the still image below before you hit play, it is probably already turning your stomach. This is video detailing the current state of the civil war in Syria, where civilians arrested by government-backed militia (Shabeeha) on suspicion of supporting anti-government protests. These same Shabeeha are responsible for the Houla massacre and other atrocities.

Bashar al-Assad assumed the office of President of Syria in 2000, after the death of his father Hafez al-Assad who had ruled Syria unopposed for three decades before. Bashar al-Assad is a leader in the pan-national Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and was “re-elected” as President of Syria in 2000 and 2007, unopposed each time.

Human Rights groups, such as Human Rights Watch, the US Department of State, and Amnesty International, have detailed how al-Assad’s regime and secret police have routinely tortured, imprisoned, and killed political opponents, and those who speak out against the regime. (Note please, all notorious right-wing war mongerer organizations I’ve cited just now…)

In the wake of the pro-reform demonstrations in other Middle Eastern countries — the so-called “Arab Spring” — anti-government protests in Syria started on late January 2011. Protesters called for political reforms and the reinstatement of civil rights, as well as an end to the “state of emergency” which had been declared in 1963 and never lifted. Protests would be held regularly for several months and the Syrian authority responded each time with violence against its citizens. In May 2011, President Obama issued an Executive Order putting into effect sanctions against al-Assad in order to pressure Syria “to end its use of violence against its people and begin transitioning to a democratic system that protects the rights of the Syrian people.” The European Union followed suit shortly afterward…

To the surprise of no one outside the faculty lounge of UC-Berkley, this didn’t work.

By January 2012, it was reported that over 5,000 civilians (including both street protesters and armed militants) had been killed by the Syrian army, government-backed militia (those same Shabeeha from the video above), secret police, and security agents. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent had officially declared Syria to be in a state of civil war in July 2012. By now, the death toll has likely surpassed 20,000.

Aside from his “strongly worded letter” of an Executive Order a year ago… President Empty Chair has been largely silent on events in Syria. For crying out loud, even the New York Times has declared “Obama AWOL in Syria“.

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”


2 thoughts on “Savages, Civilization, and Empty Chairs (Graphic Content Warning)

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I don’t envy the juggling act that American Muslims must have to preform. First, they are Muslim, and as such, must follow the teachings of Islam. Secondly, they are Americans*. Islam has declared a jihad on America. “That’s only the extremists” you say? If that were the case, and the jihad consists only of a small, extreme, percentage of Islam, then why does the nice Muslim woman have a problem with “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad”? Does she hate Israel that much, or does she support the Jihad? I suspect a little of both.

    Personally, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” seems like a good idea to me. Equating Jihadists with savages is fitting (in my opinion) because of the brutal things that they do. Killing innocents and dragging the bodies through the streets, Hijacking aircraft and flying them into buildings, and many other terrible things are all done in the name of Islam. To me, that seems very uncivilized… savage even. Fitting.


    * This must be so, because Islam would not allow them to put America (or anything else) before Islam.

    • Ish says:

      It should be stressed that al-Assad and the Ba’ath Party are not Islamists, the Ba’athist ideology frequently uses Islamic tropes and appeals to religious prejudices, but it really only cares about its own goals. The Ba’ath learnned this tactic from their Nazi allies in their nascent days.

      Savages come in all sorts of different forms. From Persian theocrats leading a doomsday cult, Arab secular fascist tyrants like al-Assad, terrorist thugs in Palestine, African warlords in sub-saharran failed states, communist mass murderers found round the world… even here in the US of A. The barbarians at the gate worry me a bit more than the thugee inside the fence…

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