Et tu, New Yorker?

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October 6, 2012 by Ish

Back in 2008, we were told jokes about Obama not only weren’t funny but impossible to write. “It’s hard to make fun of Obama in general because he’s a cool character,” said Jimmy Kimmel. Noah Rothman called it “Obama’s prohibitive coolness.”

But things have started to give… The latest cover of The New Yorker, seen over yonder, slams his poor performance in the recent debate. Saturday Night Live who has spent the last four years churning out humorless skits mostly along the themes of Obama’s coolness, intellect, and his general perfection. Recently SNL actually took a few jabs at his record! In a skit parodying the sorry state of his economic policy, with bank executives now managers at Burger King.

Even Bill Maher — a one man Super PAC — has taken umbrage with the Chosen One when he tore into Obama’s debate performance, saying it ‘Looked Like He Took My Million And Spent It All On Weed.’ Another Hollywood liberal, Ice-T, piled onto the weed meme, saying “No weed before the next debate homie….”

On the non-comedy side, NBC News has asked Obama for America to cease using its network footage in campaign ads. And the AARP has asked President Obama not to cite them as supportive of “ObamaCare.”

Now, none of this means that Obama’s cult of personality is going to jump ship and become Tea Partying, Ayn Rand reading, Republicans. Far from it… but it does show a lot of the tell-tale signs of a building “preference cascade,” signaling that a lot of the Left is starting to really worry about the hopes of their beloved…


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