Two Minutes Hate 10/05/2012


October 6, 2012 by Julia

To be honest, this was a pretty good week; I had less rage than usual, and significantly more glee after watching Romney make a fool out of an empty chair on Wednesday.

1. A Philadelphia teacher harassed a teenage girl wearing a pink Romney/Ryan shirt, yelling that it was the same as wearing a KKK shirt (or sheet, in some stories–they sound similar enough that someone may have misheard), telling her to leave the classroom or change her shirt, getting other people to come in from the hallway to harass her and write on the shirt with a marker, and telling the girl that the school was “Democratic” (which is pretty ironic).  This resulted in the girl being afraid to go back to school, and her parents being heckled.  Seriously, this happened–and people wonder why conservatives believe that schools are nothing more than places for liberal indoctrination by union thugs.

2.  Death threats, WTF?  It blows my mind that this is a thing that happens in American politics.  Sure, it must have happened before this point, and we didn’t hear about it because there was nothing like the internet to spread the word, but why the hell is it happening at all?  The use of threats of violence to encourage a specific political result is terrorism.  I’m not surprised that Leftist thugs harass and threaten people, but conservatives!  WTF?!  We’re supposed to be the defenders of traditional American values–you know, like free speech!  STOP IT!  We absolutely cannot sink to their level and engage in a heckler’s veto.  You want to boycott restaurants that don’t want photo ops with Romney?  Cool, no problem, that’s the beauty of capitalism; you can spend your own money anywhere you damn well please.  But cut it out with the death threats.  First of all, it’s wrong and unAmerican.  Second, all it does it create martyrs.  Third, it makes all of us look bad, and then we lose credibility when calling out liberals on their own thug ways.  STOP.  IT.  NOW.

3. A Twitterer captures my reaction to yesterday’s job numbers:

Mysteriously, the BLS suddenly thinks the household survey numbers are SUPER ACCURATE.  Hmmm.  Part-time jobs with no benefits for everyone!

4. I watched the Office this week like usual, and it was funny, but I seriously yelled at the tv for like five minutes when Andy made the smartass comment about the capital gains tax.  In a nutshell (some spoilers here), Nellie tells Andy that he is related to Michelle Obama, which Andy thinks is awesome until Oscar decides that the only way this could happen is if Andy’s family owned slaves.  Andy does not like this, so he tries to hold a meeting to point out all the skeletons in everyone else’s closets (all invented by Nellie), which turns into Oscar accusing his family of getting rich off of slavery.  Andy then says that there’s nothing wrong with being rich, because rich people help the country–“or at least, they will when capital gains are taxed at the same rate as other income.”  (or something similar to that, that may not be the exact quote).  This particular talking point infuriates me, because it specifically assumes that the listener is too stupid and uneducated to know that it’s an outright lie.  Capital gains is taxed twice, for a total of 50% plus state tax on that income–i.e. a higher rate than other income.  Yeah, it’s a tv show, but COME ON.  (I think the point was that I was supposed to think Oscar was being kind of a jerk, so that part didn’t make me mad)

5. And now for some good news: Kodansha signed a deal with JManga (kind of like Netflix streaming, but for translated Japanese comic books), so School Rumble is now on JManga!  Only volumes 1-8 for now, although it’s out in American through 16, but maybe eventually we’ll get the rest of the series!  On top of that, Symphogear got a second season!  It was a good little Madoka Magica-esque magical girl series from a couple seasons ago, so I’m excited to see what they can do when they don’t get cut from 26 episodes to 13 and have only one week to re-write the script.


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