Two Minutes Hate 10/12/2012

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October 12, 2012 by Julia

1. Billionaire Thomas Peterffy bought ad time to warn the US about succumbing to the poison promises of socialism.  That’s awesome, because he grew up in communist Hungary, and knows firsthand how dangerous communism is.  Great, but read the comments on that article.  WTF, people?  The Left filled the comments section with complaints about how Peterffy must be a terrible person because he spent his own money buying ad time instead of giving it to charity, how he doesn’t know anything about communism, and how he is only anti-communist because he is rich and doesn’t want other people to be successful.  Seriously.  The dude grew up under communism–he knows what communism is a hell of a lot more than some middle class kid whose only connection to communism was reading a summary on the International A.N.S.W.E.R. website once.

These Leftist idiots have basically proven all of us correct when we pointed out that communism is essentially bureaucratized envy, because it is so obvious from their comments that they are simply jealous of Peterffy’s success.  Why in the world would Peterffy or any other rich person actively try to keep other people from being rich too?  It makes NO SENSE; I guess the kind of people who believe communism is a great idea are uneducated enough to believe that total wealth is a fixed-size pie, so if someone gets a bigger piece, someone else must get a smaller piece.  (hint: that’s not true)

2. Apparently, liberals picked this week to discover a fake news story from February “reporting” that Mitt Romney wants to ban tampons.  Predictably (which is so incredibly sad and pathetic), the Left believed the story.  Hilarity ensued.  But seriously, read the comments on the original story.  People believed it at the time as well!  Despite the fact that the website makes its status as a fake news site abundantly clear, people believed it!  And when it was pointed out that the story was fake, the response was, “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true!” (I corrected their grammar–liberal trolls don’t use the subjunctive)  These people vote, y’all.  Terrifying.

3. Barack Obama had a couple fundraisers in San Francisco.  He was met by assorted protesters, including the local TEA Party, who picked up the Democrats’ trash over the objections of the campaign staff.  Yes, Obama’s campaign staff does not want people to pick up litter.  Can we make that a talking point, people?

4. Following the Romney’s shellacking of Obama at the debate last week, the Obama campaign thought it would be a genius idea to release a campaign ad poking fun at Romney’s promise to cut PBS funding.  The “thesis” of the ad was that Romney considers Big Bird to be a bigger threat to the economy than Wall Street crooks.  Go watch the ad and then let me know if you agree with me that it feels more like a parody from the Daily Show or SNL than an real ad released by a real presidential candidate (who is in fact our real president).  To make the whole thing more laughable, Sesame Workshop has asked that the ad be taken down.  Other people have provided summaries of why this ad is a terrible choice from a political standpoint, and indeed, even Democrats are wondering why the heck the president is focusing on proposed cuts to PBS instead of issues that actually matter.

On top of the absurdity of the president of the United States stooping so low as to make an ad reminiscent of comedy television shows, of course, are the possibly more absurd facts that 1. there are PBS single-issue voters (check out the comments–although the article itself is hysterical.  Media Matters apparently wants me to be mad that people agree with me); and 2. the Sesame Workshop executive vice president and chief marketing officer has admitted that cutting PBS’ funding will not “kill Big Bird” and Sesame Street is making about four times more than Romney.

This election has devolved into sheer madness.  Our country is driving off a cliff, and the president wants to talk about Big Bird.


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