I found the Obamacare propaganda!


October 13, 2012 by Julia

I forgot to write about this in the Two Minutes Hate, but I just had occasion to re-watch this week’s 30 Rock, and it reminded me of something that set me off.

You may not have seen the original story, but back in September, the New York Times reported that California hired a PR firm to put Obamacare propaganda into popular television shows:

Realizing that much of the battle will be in the public relations realm, the exchange has poured significant resources into a detailed marketing plan — developed not by state health bureaucrats but by the global marketing powerhouse Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, which has an initial $900,000 contract with the exchange. The Ogilvy plan includes ideas for reaching an uninsured population that speaks dozens of languages and is scattered through 11 media markets: advertising on coffee cup sleeves at community colleges to reach adult students, for example, and at professional soccer matches to reach young Hispanic men.

And Hollywood, an industry whose major players have been supportive of President Obama and his agenda, will be tapped. Plans are being discussed to pitch a reality television show about “the trials and tribulations of families living without medical coverage,” according to the Ogilvy plan. The exchange will also seek to have prime-time television shows, like “Modern Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and Univision telenovelas, weave the health care law into their plots.

“I’d like to see 10 of the major TV shows, or telenovelas, have people talking about ‘that health insurance thing,’ ” said Peter V. Lee, the exchange’s executive director. “There are good story lines here.”

My American television watching habits have increased in recent years, but I don’t watch many prime-time television shows.  In fact, I’m not even sure what television shows count.  I suspect, however, that 30 Rock is one of them, and I do watch 30 Rock.  Yes, yes, I know Alec Baldwin is a creepy, misogynistic liberal (but I repeat myself) and Tina Fey is responsible for one of the most egregious examples of how the uneducated American electorate can be duped by the liberal media, but the show is smart and funny, and I like it.

This week, however, the show veered into agitprop territory.  Without spoiling the plot or spending a whole bunch of time on summarizing the episode, one character’s rural parents visit NBC studios, and while lamenting the economy, the mother notes,

It ain’t getting any easier now that Obamacare has extended our life expectancy. Let me die in an emergency room with a treatable disease, like an American.

30 Rock has been making liberal political asides since its inception (sometimes they are even funny), but this one was especially grating because I already knew that California paid a PR company to put the line into the episode.  This wasn’t a situation where I could just roll my eyes and be like, “Sigh, Tina Fey,” because I will never trust that it was an organic joke and not the government trying to brainwash me.

On top of that, look at the content of the statement.  The number one take-home point  (for me, anyway) about Obamacare is that it’s a giant scam because it does not decrease the cost of care.  All it does is force more people to buy more expensive insurance, without addressing the underlying problem that necessitates insurance in the first place:  health care costs too much.  It’s like treating the swelling without setting the broken ankle.  It’s a mystery to me how Obamacare can possibly increase life expectancy when there won’t be any doctors left for people to see.

Besides, when 30 Rock mentioned people dying in ERs with treatable diseases, I wonder if they meant like in Canada–you know, under single-payer health care.  Oh, wait, Daily Kos has a whole article about how it happens in the US?  Thanks, Daily Kos, you’ve proven my point!  Not a single one of the examples you found has anything to do with lack of insurance!  Hospital staff were obtuse and negligent, which is guaranteed to only get worse when the government steps in to cut their pay, increase their workload, and refuse to fire them for incompetence.  It seems like the real problem is that these folks simply didn’t know that they could get cheap preventative care at CVS, or free emergency care at hospitals by checking in at the front desk (but make no mistake, the negligence of the hospital staff is the real culprit). You get bonus points, though, Daily Kos, for treating the Joe Soptic ad like it is gospel truth.  Hmmm, is that the most hysterical thing in the article, or would that be the ironic bolding of “And some lost their benefits when employers stopped providing coverage.”?  I wonder why those employers stopped providing coverage, hmmmm?  And those people with pre-existing conditions–if Obama had spent a single day trying to create even one job, they could get employer-provided health insurance regardless of their pre-existing conditions!  Plus, if these people are so poor, why aren’t they on Medicaid?  I mean, REALLY.

Scrap this insurance BS.  LOWER THE COST OF CARE, so we don’t NEED insurance for most or all preventative care.  Then, instead of increasing the cost of insurance (WTF Dems, how can you possibly think this is a good idea?  Are you all high?), let’s LOWER it, so people can get affordable coverage if they so choose.  Newsflash, people, we want to help you too, we just think the Democrats’ plan is not going to help you.


One thought on “I found the Obamacare propaganda!

  1. […] premium costs if it doesn’t get enough people into the exchanges.  No wonder it sprang for propaganda!  Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs left and right because of onerous new fees and increased […]

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