Manufactured outrage

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October 16, 2012 by Julia

Candy Crowley will be the moderator for tonight’s town-hall debate.  As agreed when the debates were originally planned, Crowley’s role is to facilitate audience questions; she is not supposed to ask any questions herself or otherwise get involved in the debate or the audience participation. Apparently Crowley, however, does not like rules and has announced that she has no intention of following them.

Why the heck she took the job in the first place if she didn’t like the rules is beyond me, but naturally, the Angry Feminists(tm) are furious because “women [a]re reduced to the vice presidential debate and to the town-hall format, which does not give a woman a chance to ask the questions.”  Huh?  A “town-hall format” gives ALL OF THE WOMEN a chance to ask the questions.  You do know that there are woman citizens, right?  And that town-hall debates let citizens ask questions?  Seriously, people.

The candidates decided to have a town-hall debate, and happened to select Candy Crowley as the moderator of said debate.  Crowley accepted, knowing that it was a town-hall debate and that her role would be limited.  According to the Angry Feminists, what is the only explanation for all this?  You know, the free choice Crowley made to take a job even though she didn’t like the requirements?  Sexism.  Obviously.  Duh.

Oh, Angry Feminists, you make everyone with a uterus look like a moron.  So, thanks for that.


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