Lady parts, not lady smarts


October 23, 2012 by Julia

Mock over at Chicks on the Right has a great rant about some stupid Jezebel op-ed that could have been transcribed directly from my head.  Because obviously the only issues women care about involve uteruses.  Obviously women want nothing more than to have TONS and TONS of sex and are only prevented from doing so by the lack of unlimited access to free birth control.  Obviously women are too stupid and/or weak to take responsibility for their own choices.  Obviously the only thing men want is for women to constantly have sex with them without consequence.  (Well, okay, that is probably the primary focus of most straight dudes . . . but I’m pretty sure that men also care about other things, like perhaps the economy.  Right?  Or don’t I want to know what men think about?)

Seriously, Erin Gloria Ryan has insulted both women and men with her attempt at humorous partisan writing.  She has adopted the language and framework of the patriarchy to convince men that a vote for Romney is a vote for less casual sex, as if the only thing motivating both men and women is MOAR SEX.  In the process, she demeans women by insinuating that we cannot handle personal responsibility, and also that we lack the logical reasoning skills to make intelligent choices (somehow we will have both less sex and the same amount of sex, at the same time?  Oh, wait, that’s her illogical reasoning).

What is it with these feminists who don’t think about anything but sex and lady parts?  Isn’t it inherently anti-feminist to reduce women to their reproductive organs (and to then oppose their use for actual reproduction)?  Erin Gloria Ryan wants to deny us intelligence and dignity by conceiving of women as nothing more than talking uteruses, and at the same time deny us the special, sacred nature of womanhood by denigrating reproduction.  That would leave women as . . . sexual objects.

Hey feminists, how’s that fight against objectification going?


3 thoughts on “Lady parts, not lady smarts

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    Just like sports teams, people start to identify with their chose political party. Have you ever seen/heard a dumpy, short, unathletic blob of a person declare “We WON!!” and shares in the glory when his sports team wins a game as if he really had anything at all to do with the win? It’s like that.

    When someone identifies with a cause to such a degree, their self-worth becomes wrapped up in their “team” winning or losing (this probably happens even more-so with politics than it does with sports). From there, it’s a small skip and a jump to believing and repeating obviously false statements about the opposition. These beliefs can become very deeply seated as they are internalized because they are so connected to the persons self-worth.

    People lose perspective, and lose the ability to logically evaluate their own beliefs.

    Here’s the thing. It doesn’t just happen on the liberal/progressive side. It happens to everyone. It’s just how the human brain works. It’s where most of the illogical BS propaganda comes from. Political operatives have been using this for centuries.

    Just my observation.


  2. Ish says:

    If I mention “golf” or “Chicago,” I’m an evil racist. If I say “binders,” I’m sexist.
    If a Democract calls me an “self-loathing Uncle Tom faggot,” he’s being tolerant and caring.

  3. […] confuses my poor little Conservative head. Maybe my brain is too full of racism, misogyny, and my need to bitterly cling to my guns and religion… but this doesn’t seem right. […]

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