October 23, 2012 by Julia

Is there any doubt that if, say, PJ Media did a photo spread like this, Chris Matthews would immediately declare it THE MOST RACIST THING EVER IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF EVER?

No, of course not.  Spread rumors about Republicans?  Hahaha, hilarious!  Spread rumors about Democrats?  SHUT THE EFF UP, RACISTS!

(for the record, I think it would in fact be hilarious if someone did one for Obama too–but I am 100% certain it will immediately be declared racist.  Hell, if Vanity Fair itself did one for Obama (pretend for a second that Vanity Fair is unbiased), the left would still declare it racist.  Don’t forget your doublespeak dictionary:  it is “racist” to treat people of different races in the same manner)


2 thoughts on “REALLY?

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    Obviously posed photos (many look to be from high school year books) obviously taken out of context. The stench of desperation is eye-watering.


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