Tales from Liberal-land (part 2)


November 1, 2012 by Julia

Time for a new entry in my occasional series about what regular liberals (i.e. not politicans or journalists) think, say, and do.

The story starts with me posting this article on my Facebook timeline.  I will discuss the article and several others later in a post about the smarmy tactics of the Left in the last two weeks, but suffice to say, MSNBC (multiple talking heads and their guests, not just one person) criticized Mitt Romney for the terrible sin of . . . collecting donations for the vicitms of Hurricane Sandy.  My comment accompanying this article was to the effect that MSNBC is shameful and disgusting, and there are no political points to scored from this disaster.  Both Obama and Romney did their jobs (as, respectively, a government official and a private citizen in a position to reach out to many people), end of story.  There may be a different story about how Obama only cares for disaster victims in election years, but that is a criticism of past follies, not his response to Sandy, with which I have no complaint.

So, the response I get is this (paraphrased because this is a family member):

Liberal: You should see what Fox is saying about Obama–both sides are terrible, you’re right.

Me: Do you have a link to someone on Fox ripping into Obama over his response to Sandy?

Liberal: No, but MSNBC and Fox are both known for this sort of thing.

Okay, so because a media outlet on the left acts shady, it is gospel truth that a media outlet on the right (seriously, read some of the studies–“on the right” just means “not a leftist hack”) must have acted shady in just the same way.  Projection much?  In my world, you can’t accuse people or organizations of things without evidence, but to the leftist crowd, well, evidence doesn’t matter because “fake but accurate” is a real category for facts they want to believe.

(as a bonus, after chatting with my relation, Ish and I spoke to a dear liberal friend of mine in the same thread, who thinks that because Mitt Romney collected donations of food and goods instead of money, he is a MONSTER who has hurt more people than Sandy with his UNTHINKING CRUELTY.  He is not alone in this position, of course–even though the Red Cross has clearly accepted the donation and even though Romney also asked his supporters to donate money (and donated money of his own).  The Left just can’t imagine anyone other than the Nanny State caring for us in our time of need.  Besides, the Red Cross is hardly known for its efficiency–frankly, Romney should have avoided giving the goods to the Red Cross altogether and donated them to a charity that appreciates the gift instead of releasing passive-aggressive thank-yous.  There are plenty of choices with better rankings than the Red Cross, while people who want to could still donate money to the Red Cross.  I guarantee the people sitting in shelters at the Jersey Shore right now DO NOT CARE if their food, water, and blankets were flown in from Ohio or purchased a few counties over–they are grateful to have the supplies, period.  The Left should be ashamed of themselves, the way they’re carrying on over this.)


4 thoughts on “Tales from Liberal-land (part 2)

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I have given up trying to convince a few of my liberal friends that there is ANY bias in the media (other than FOX, which they believe is EVIL). They just don’t see it at all and refuse to believe that it is happening (again, other than that EVIL FOX channel).

    I think they don’t see it because it gels with what they already believe.

    Of the times that I have brought up bad things that the Obama Administration has done, the best I have ever gotten out of them is “all politicians do this” (which made it ok). That’s when they actually agreed that he had done something. Usually they were just “meh” and it didn’t even register that something bad had happened at all.

    Well, then there was the one time where one of them had actually HEARD of the subject before hand and started screaming the liberal talking points AT me. Then *I* was accused of being the asshole yelling at people. I almost wrote them off and went looking for new friends over that one.


    • Julia says:

      I get a lot of “WELL BUSH DID IT TOO SO THERE!” when I try to point out Obama’s flaws. When I tell them that I didn’t like XYZ thing when Bush did it either (if Bush did, in fact, do it), they have no idea what to say because they never had any real arguments in the first place.

      I have occasionally gotten liberals to admit that the media as a whole has a leftward bias, but in all cases, the next sentence is either 1. “But it’s okay, because they have to balance Fox” or 2. “That’s just how the media works, they’re irrelevant anyway.” Apparantly Fox is SO very evil and insidious that it takes 5+ other stations to balance it out. And of course, the media isn’t irrelevant when it’s Fox they’re complaining about . . .

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