Two Minutes Hate 11/2/12


November 3, 2012 by Julia

1. Here is a list of charities helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Here is the Salvation Army website.  Please donate.  This is my general area of the country–while I only had a day of no electric and three days with no internet or tv, other people are suffering so much more.  I go to the affected areas on a regular basis, and it just makes me cry to think about what’s happening there.

2.  Shady videos made by the Left–apparently this is a Thing now:

Murder Republican zombies (but that’s okay, because Mitt Romney will kill disabled people . . . with his policies, of course)

“I’m Going to Give Romney a Cock-Punch Right in the Nut Sack”

Children of the future tell us how terrible life is and how it’s all our fault

Seriously, there are people out there who think the above videos are persuasive.  Yes, really.  Talk about “out of touch,” geez.

3. I’ve been thinking about this all week since I first saw it:

I don’t get it.  Mitt Romney being rich should be a good thing–we know he knows how to manage money.  Why in the world would you consider that ability a flaw?  You think it’s preferable to have someone in office who doesn’t know the first thing about economics or finance?

4. Note to self:  it is racist voter suppression to ask for an ID at the polls, but it is a-ok to prevent someone wearing a shirt that mentions the Bible from voting.  Of course.  Perfect sense.  People with no ID are a protected class, people who vote the Bible are not.  Obviously.

5. To follow-up on a previous post, Fox is biased, but MSNBC is worse, according to Pew.  Um, duh.

6. I’m watching the Food Network right now, and I just saw this Barack Obama ad twice (I do not live in any of the states listed in that article, interestingly).  Um . . . Mitt Romney will nominate Supreme Court justices who want to overturn Roe v. Wade?  And  take my federal tax money away from abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood?  Sorry Mr. President, you just aired a pro-Romney ad in the eyes of many people.

7. The trailer for the third Evangelion movie is out!


One thought on “Two Minutes Hate 11/2/12

  1. […] an interesting addendum to the story I mentioned yesterday, about the woman with the “Vote the Bible” shirt being told to cover it up to vote. […]

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