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November 9, 2012 by Julia

I’m still not quite up to posting (for various reasons, not just the election debacle), but yes, I am alive.  I think that my duty at this point in our little corner of the blogosphere is to chronicle every single reason why it was sheer idiocy to re-elect Barack Obama.

I hope every person who voted for him is proud of themselves, I really do.  That way, the look of shock and confusion on their faces in 2 or 3 years when gas prices are through the roof, they lose their jobs, and they can’t afford their mortgages on homes that are underwater will be even more satisfying when I do my “I told you so!” dance.    It will be partially your fault, Obama voters.  Thank you.

Anyway, General Petraeus resigned today because he allegedly had an affair.  This makes perfect sense (if true), because members of the intelligence community cannot have secrets out there that can be used as blackmail.  However, mysteriously, him resigning means that he won’t be testifying before Congress next week.  I didn’t know that when you leave a job, you forget everything that happened while you had that job, did you?


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