The most pointless boycotts ever


November 14, 2012 by Julia

Yesterday, Ish posted a piece on the liberal obsession with Papa John’s for laying people off to combat rising health care costs due to Obamacare, pointing out how it demonstrates their failure to grasp basic math.  This evening, after I finished working (you know, at 9:30–don’t most people work 13-hour days?  Ugh), I hopped on Twitter, and saw another example of a related phenomenon that just blows my mind:

That’s right, the left wants us to boycott companies that take measures to handle increased costs.  Well, I guess they have a very long list.  Maybe if we patronize these establishments, they will be liberal-free zones?

But anyway, here is why this makes no sense to me:

1. Companies that are laying people off.  If the left is so concerned about these employees losing their jobs, why are they boycotting the companies and causing the companies to have less business and less income?  That will only lead to more lay-offs! “We’re so mad that you laid off those people that we will force you to lay off more people!”  REALLY, liberals?

2. Companies adding surcharges or raising prices.  It’s a basic tenet of business administration that you set prices above your costs–otherwise, you wouldn’t make a profit and would go out of business.  So, if your costs go up, it is only natural that (can you figure it out?) prices go up too!  I wonder if the people complaining about the Obamacare surcharge would rather those companies had fired people instead?  At any rate, businesses have been passing government regulatory fees onto consumers (or modifying employee numbers/pay rates) for ages–sales tax, anyone?  Should we all also boycott any company that collects sales tax?  I’m sure that will be AWESOME for government revenue, y’all.

Yeah, seriously, these people make no sense.


One thought on “The most pointless boycotts ever

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    Oh man… businesses trying to stay in business? WE MUST BOYCOTT THEM!!!



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