Who in the hell thought Obamacare was a great idea?

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November 19, 2012 by Julia

The mere description of the basic premise of Obamacare was enough to make me cringe (true story: a year before it passed, I posted a news story on Facebook about someone suggesting an insurance mandate with the caption, “Is this a joke?!”), and when we found out what was in it, I developed a nervous twitch.  But now that it’s time to implement the damn thing?  How in the world can this monstrosity still have supporters?

In California, only 20% of consumers had heard of the insurance exchanges, a particularly bad number when the state stands to lose billions in federal funds and then face rising premium costs if it doesn’t get enough people into the exchanges.  No wonder it sprang for propaganda!  Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs left and right because of onerous new fees and increased insurance costs heaped on the heads of business owners–and soon everyone will get to share in the fun of higher taxes! (by everyone, I mean the certain percentage of Americans who pay taxes)

Here is background on the exchanges, and here is info on how they’re ruining people’s FSAs.

This law is one of the worst policies I have ever witnessed.  I wonder, though, if we have to actually keep fighting this.  Maybe by 2016, after everyone has lived under its tyranny, the opposition to Obamacare will have reached a critical mass to the point where even the Dems have to oppose it to get elected.  Well, one can hope . . .


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