Shameless liberals lie about shameless Planned Parenthood discount

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November 24, 2012 by Julia

Jill Stanek wrote on her blog about a Planned Parenthood Black Friday “special”:  $10 off an office visit and $5 off emergency contraception at the West Palm Beach and Kendall sites.  The West Palm Beach site does abortions, while the Kendall site provides referrals.

Think of the purpose of Black Friday sales:  to bring in more people with the promise of low prices, with the goal of making extra profits through sheer volume of sales.  Planned Parenthood offering discounts, then, is intended to bring in more women for services, clearly potentially including abortions.  Even at $10 less per visit, if more women come in, they’re still making a profit (yet they somehow need federal money to stay in business).  The Dems have already given up on “safe, legal, and rare” (to the macabre glee of most of the liberal commentariat) but this is straight-up CREEPY.  Of course, this is par for the course when it comes to Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a racist eugenicist for the express purpose of shrinking the minority population–the more abortions, the better for their pocketbook and their racist sensibilities.

Even odder, however, is the defense of Planned Parenthood for this strange “special.”  A comment on the PJ Media story about it raised the response that the actual “special” was a “Pills Now, Pay Later” program, offering a payment plan for contraceptives.  This person’s source was this story on some site called, which describes itself thusly on its Facebook page (emphasis added):

The Agonist’s mission: Thoughtful, global, and timely.

* Thoughtful: culling and creating the best of investigative journalism, analysis, scholarship, and opinion, with an admittedly progressive, forward-looking slant, while exposing the rest.

* Global: a community of international citizens who harness the power of the internet to inspire today’s news media toward higher standards, with deeper and wider coverage.

* Timely: continuing coverage of the important news of the day, without neglecting crucial follow-up and context.

In the article, Kathy Kattenburg discusses a LifeNews article about Jill Stanek’s blog post.  While Stanek’s post was about an email and included a screenshot of the actual email, the LifeNews article was about the special in general, and linked to the Health Center Specials page at the website of Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast.  Now, here is the email screencap from Stanek’s blog, and here is a screencap I took of the Specials page:

Below that graphic on the Specials page, there was in fact a write-up of the “Pills Now, Pay Later” program, but no one denies that. I usually crop out the background stuff from my browser and computer, but I wanted the URL, date, and time to be clear here.

Keep the above screencaps in mind when you consider Kattenburg’s “news” story, which argues that the “Pills Now, Pay Later” program is the only thing listed on the Specials page (emphasis added):

So first of all, if [Steven Erfelt, the LifeNews reporter]’s purpose here is for readers to think Planned Parenthood is offering discounted abortions (“A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in southern Florida is offering a black Friday discount — including $10 off a visit to the abortion center today.”), then obviously that’s just a flat-out lie. And second, of course, the clinic is not even offering $10 off any of its services, for Black Friday or any other occasion. The offer is for a year’s supply of birth control pills in exchange for a mutually agreed-upon payment plan. It’s not about saving money at all, it’s about saving time and energy and avoiding the stress and worry of remembering to make and keep monthly or bimonthly appointments by getting everything done in one clinic visit.

So Erfelt, and Jill Stanek, since she spouts off on it, too, are either lying assholes or they’re confused or stupid or can’t read, or all of the above.

I honestly don’t know if Kattenburg perhaps checked the Specials page before the offer was posted (although I don’t know why LifeNews would link to the page if the discount weren’t listed), or maybe checked the Specials page on a mobile phone or something and the image didn’t load.  Those situations are certainly possible.  Or, alternatively, she is a lying asshole, confused, stupid, can’t read, or all of the above.

Either way, she is incontrovertibly wrong on the basic facts.  Well, she’s posting on a “progressive” news website, so what do you expect?


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