Movie Monday: Math is Hard Edition


November 26, 2012 by Ish

Okay, Mr. President, you have fifty-six days until your first term is over. Your first term of office will end at noon on January 20 of next year. In the AP clip above, you promise quite clearly to cut the deficit you inherited by half by the end of your first term. According to the Bureau of the Public Debt‘s 2010 report “Government – Historical Debt Outstanding – Annual” from your appointees in the Treasury Department, the gross public debt of the United States in 2008 was approximately $10,000,000,000,000… That’s a big number.

As of last week, the Bureau of the Public Debt was reporting that the total outstanding Public Debt was $16,283,161,895,179.85. That’s also a big number.

This confuses my poor little Conservative head. Maybe my brain is too full of racism, misogyny, and my need to bitterly cling to my guns and religion… but this doesn’t seem right. You see, every time I look at those two big numbers and try to compare them, the 2012 number seems bigger than the 2008 one. This is probably the fault of the Republican Party, I’m sure, for teaching me to rely on math to figure out which of two numbers is bigger.

So, do you have a plan to raise $11,283,161,895,179.85 in the next 56 days?


3 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Math is Hard Edition

  1. Julia says:

    “So, do you have a plan to raise $11,283,161,895,179.85 in the next 56 days?”

    Of course he does–tax the rich. They’re good for it.

  2. April says:

    Oh stop! You’re such racists for even suggesting he stick to his campaign promises from 2008! You don’t hold white presidents to their campaign promises. We all know Barack Obama is our lord and savior, even Jamie Foxx said as much. Whatever he feels is best for the American people is truly best. That’s why he said he’ll continue to find ways to work around those bad obstructionists in the House to get what he wants. /sarcasm

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