I am going to need new shoes…


December 5, 2012 by Julia

…because I’m going to be doing a lot of “I told you so!” dancing in the near future.  Probably even before Obama’s terrible tax plan ruins the economy, we are going to confirm that yes, Syria has WMDs and interestingly, they arrived in 2003 or so.  Wait, we are already absolutely sure that Syria has chemical weapons and is seriously considering using them on civilians?  Hmmm, I wonder what kind of records folks will find when Assad falls…

(To be abundantly clear, I am saying that Iraq did have WMDs and they were transferred to Syria before we found them.  I’ve been saying this since 2003.)

(Also, it’s good to see that our Nobel-Prize-winner-in-chief finally got off his ass and sent troops to stand up to Assad.  I may have voted for Ron Paul in the primary, but I am no isolationist.  America is in more and more danger the longer we allow murderous dictators to consolidate power unchecked.  Additionally, I have a huge problem with civilian non-combatants being specifically targeted.  That said, I oppose monetary aid unless we are the reason the monetary aid is necessary.  If we trashed your country, sure, I’ll pay for that–but if you trashed your own country, screw it, we need that money.  Egypt, I’m looking at you.)

(Final note: If we had the Nobel Gundam instead of a Nobel Prize, Assad would be gone by now)


7 thoughts on “I am going to need new shoes…

  1. Ish says:

    You know who else said Iraq had WMD in ’03? The goddamn Iraqi government. I operate on this rare philosophy towards foreign affairs: things people say they want, might serve as an indicator of what they want.

    Iran says it wants nukes, so I assume they want nukes.
    Hamas says it wants to kill all the Jews, so I assume they want to kill Jews.
    China says it wants to control Taiwan, so I assume they want to control Taiwan.

    I am sure that my assumption that foreigners may be capable of forming logical opinions without any assistance from Keith Olberman or Rachel Maddow must be racist.

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve said pretty much the same thing. Iraq claimed they had WMDs. Whether they had them or not, you don’t take the chance that they don’t when someone as bat-shit crazy as Saddam is in charge of the button. He’d already proven he had no problem using them during the Iran-Iraq war and during the period after the first Gulf war (on his own citizens no less). Saddam’s big mistake (if he actually didn’t have them) was being so afraid of showing weakness to Iran that he forgot to be scared of the USA.

    As far as Iran – Its run by what is essentially an apocalyptic death cult that has stated in no uncertain terns that they want to utterly destroy Israel. Doubting they want a nuke is about as crazy as it gets.

  3. Stuart the Viking says:

    As Ish points out, Irag itself bragged about it’s WMDs, and had a LONG history of using them. The reports never said that Iraq didn’t have any WMDs, the reports said “We haven’t found any”. Couple that with all the places that Iraq was not allowing inspection teams to go and it all gets pretty suspicious.

    Iraq’s non-compliance with inspections was enough to take action on. The UN was drawing line-in-the-sand after line-in-the-sand and didn’t have the wherewithal to actually enforce any of them. The UN was proving itself to be powerless. Quite frankly, I believe that there was a choice between invading Iraq (as we did), and disbanding the UN (or at least withdrawing from it and letting it collapse). I’m still not sure we picked the right one there.


    • Ish says:

      There are days when I think we should have done both…

    • Julia says:

      Since I 100% believe that Iraq had (and may even still have, buried somewhere) WMDs, I think invasion was the right thing to do to protect American interests. But yes, we should also pull out of the UN, an ineffectual organization which in the modern day exists solely to redistribute United States resources to other nations and weaken US interests (small arms treaty, disability “rights” treaty, anything out of the human rights or women’s rights councils, the push by the OIC for hate speech resolutions, etc.). We could make a fortune off of the UN if we started charging it rent–or it could leave the US altogether. A win-win!

      • Stuart the Viking says:

        HA! Human Rights Council indeed. Have you ever looked at the countries that are on that thing?

        The foxes are surely guarding the hen-house.


      • Ish says:

        The nations on the Human Rights Council just have a very exculsive definition of “human,” they have no problem with getting rid of “subhumans.” Now, where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, every evil bastard ever.

        Foxes, at least, just want to eat the chickens… not line them up and march their fellow foxes onto boxcars.

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