Your projection, I see it


December 12, 2012 by Julia

So, some Democrat pollster thinks the GOP’s problem is that we are intolerant of everyone except straight white males.  Of course, what this fellow is actually doing is demonstrating the real reason we lost by telling blatant lies about the Republicans’ positions and beliefs that the media faithfully spread, but nevermind.  Let’s talk about irony this time.

You may be familiar with the psychological concept of projection, which is when people read into others the flaws they actually have themselves.  This charge has long been leveled against the Left, but without our own media lapdogs, we have a harder time playing the Alinsky game.

The story I linked above is a hilariously timely example of this Leftist projection.  Think about it.  In just TWO DAYS, members of the party of “tolerance” criticized Matt Drudge for criticizing the use of the n-word (here’s another unhinged take on the issue), pleaded guilty to beating up a girlfriend, and punched a guy in the face, tore down a tent with people in it (with other liberals responding, “He was asking for it!”), and then destroyed a man’s livelihood.

So let me get this straight.  The Left thinks racial slurs are awesome, beats up women, and beats up people who disagree with them and destroys their things–and WE’RE the ones who are racist, sexist, violent, and intolerant?

Projection, much?


4 thoughts on “Your projection, I see it

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    The fact that the MSM, for the most part, would be anti-whatever GOP candidate is a given. It’s one of the terrain features on the playing field that the GOP needed to navigate. If they don’t have something in place to get around that, they have no chance of winning, ever. I don’t consider it to be “the reason” Romney lost any more than the sky is blue or the price of tea in china.

    The real reason the GOP lost is they picked a candidate that wasn’t seen to be sufficiently different than the status quo. My favorite joke for the election cycle was telling people that I was looking for the phone booth because I was sure that Romney and Obama were really the same guy and he was just doing a super-man quick change.

    Yes, I know you supported Romney and probably don’t see that, but I think that a sufficient number of Republicans thought that (them being too similar, not the superman part) that Romney didn’t have the turn-out he needed to win. We all saw how the GOP’s nomination process produced “not-Romney” after “not-Romney”, each of which gained a fairly large amount of support, till they were proven to be not the right guy for the job. This kind of pattern should have indicated to the GOP that a sufficient number of Republicans were not happy with Romney and that he would have that turn-out problem. Instead, so many Republicans that I know were totally surprised by it. I was like “man, who didn’t see that coming?”

    Oh, that and the blatant pro-Obama ballot stuffing that went on that won’t be investigated nor reported by the MSM because “their guy” won, so it’s no big deal. BTW, that isn’t to say that I think the cheating alone changed the outcome of the election, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt.


    • Julia says:

      I think the media did swing the election, purely due to saturation. I have to remind myself of this a lot, but outside of our online conservative blogosphere, other people don’t see the MSM debunked like we do. Even the tv being on in the background could be enough to let a lie implant in someone’s mind–and most background tvs are NOT on Fox (I don’t watch ANY television news outside of election night, but on election night, I watch Fox). Just last night I was in my apartment complex gym and turned around to get off the treadmill, and the first thing I saw ont he tv was Chris Matthews’ face. UGH. I had headphones in, so I didn’t hear whatever garbage he was spewing, but imagine what the people who could hear it were “learning.” The media propagation of leftist lies, combined with demonstrable voter fraud, killed us. We need a way over or around the MSM that actually reached people outside of our bubble. The only thing I can think of is taking over the Google search results–make the first two pages of a “Benghazi” search be entirely conservative media before HuffPo, Daily Kos, or Think Progress even gets a say. We can get to the people who don’t know anything about the issues first.

      I only supported Romney because he wasn’t Obama. My first choice was Tim Pawlenty, followed by Condoleezza Rice; I voted for Ron Paul in the primary. My choices for 2016 are Rubio, Ryan, and Susana Martinez (she was GREAT at the convention), although if Pawlenty ran again or someone talked Rice into running, I would be thrilled. In my dream world, Thomas Sowell would be president ❤

      • Stuart the Viking says:

        The MSM will be who they are. That is the current playing field and has been for some time. It is impossible for any Republican to EVER win if the MSM is THE reason Romney lost. Yet Republicans have been elected to office in spite of this. Those that have done so, did it by NOT being quasi-Democrats. I believe that there are enough people who are tired of the statist policies of both the Democrats (AND the current Republican party) that if the Republicans could just field a decent candidate, there would be no contest. Instead, they fielded a candidate that came across as a pompous, rich, better-than-all-you, (possibly) closet religious zelot, who seems to be talking out both sides of his mouth by talking a (passable) good game of small government, but having a record as a statist fat cat.

        The Republicans need to look at what they CAN change, rather than blaming what they can’t.


      • Julia says:

        I agree with you to a point, but we could run the best candidate in the world and would still lose if voters never hear the truth about him or her. We can’t change the MSM, so we have to figure out how to go around it–we need a real, coherent strategy.

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