Fine, let’s have a “Dialog”

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December 17, 2012 by Ish

The immortal Roberta X leads off the week by knocking one out of the park, when she asks us to Compare and Contrast:

Twenty-seven people, most of them children, are murdered in a picturesque little whitebread Connecticut town and the media and politicians are all over it, with plenty of emoting and shrill cries to ‘do something.’ In Chicago, over thirty people, most of them young adults and most of them nonwhite, are murdered and it’s ‘a typical month.’

The tragedy in Connecticut is horrifying, I will not pretend otherwise. But I will ignore the talking-heads on the teevee or the pearl-clutching hysterics in the newspapers that have ignored equivalent levels of tragedy in our cities for decades. Go ahead and read the numbers from that link in Roberta’s quote: 488 homicides in Chicago in 2012, to date. Only eight more shopping days left `til Christmas!

A bit closer to home, for me, FBI reports for 2012 showed that the city of Detroit had the second highest violent crime rate among medium-to-large sized cities in the US. The state of Michigan as a whole trumps Julia’s home state of Pennsylvania, despite the best efforts of the criminal underbelly of Philadelphia. Um… go team?

The gun control types want to have a “dialog” or a “conversation about guns,” but I agree with Joe Huffman who answered this meme this past August:

We had the “conversation”. Your side lied, cheated, and took unfair advantage at every opportunity. But still your side lost. Big time.

Your side lost on the safety argument and your side lost the legal argument (see the U.S. Supreme Court decisions D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago). You have no arguments left. The conversation was over years ago and all you are doing now is whining about the outcome. Go tell your problems to a therapist because the adults in this conversation aren’t interested in your delusions of relevancy.


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