Tales from Liberal Land: Facebook Fun


December 27, 2012 by Ish

Oh, Being Liberal…

Once again we have the Being Liberal Facebook group to thank for this bit of photoshop-meme-as-public-policy. You may remember the last one a mathematically dubious call to boycott Papa Johns.

Well, todays entry is casting aspersions on the Left’s perpetual boogeyman, Fox News*. Unsurprisingly, there are some slight issues with it. The most obvious one being that this is not a story from Fox News, instead being a response piece from The Gateway Pundit to a news item that appeared in The Cochrane Times.

Commentors on this image at the Being Liberal FB group are referring to these bikers as Hell’s Angels. They are not. I couldn’t read the patch clearly, but I could tell the name of the chapter on the bottom read “Torrington, CT.” So I did a Google Image Search for “Torrington CT Motorcycle Club,” a very clear image that matched the patch led me right to the homepage of the MC. Took thirty seconds, tops. The bikers depicted are all wearing kuttes** that identify them as members of The Brotherhood Of United Biker’s Motorcycle Club Torrington, CT chapter. I don’t know if The Brotherhood Of United Biker’s MC is political and I really couldn’t care less. I doubt I’ll ever meet any member of this MC, but I tell you what, I meet anyone wearing this MC’s kutte in a bar and they’ll be having their beers put on my tab.

So… Being Liberal has the wrong website sourced for the story and identified the wrong MC as being the counter-protestors. But at least they called out the lie of Fred Phelps being a left-wing Democrat, right? That’s clearly the truth… Only, no.

Fred Phelps is a Democrat. He was a Democratic primary candidate for the governor of Kansas in for governor in 1990, `94, and `98. He was a Democratic primary candidate for U.S. senate in `92. He has twice been a Democratic candidate for mayor of Topeka.

He might not be well liked by the rest of the Democratic party (or, y’know, the rest of the human species) but that doesn’t change the facts. Phelps self-identifies as a Democrat, so The Cochrane Times was quite clearly in error when it said he was a right-winger, and The Gateway Pundit was correct to point out that error. Furthermore, the Westboro Baptist Church — being something of a cult of personality for Fred Phelps and mostly made up of his extended family — holds to his political beliefs and those beliefs — while waaay out on the fringe — are generally classified as “left-wing” by any first-year political science student: anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist, Statist, and Collectivist. (All of which were, at one time or another, planks of the official party platform of the DNC. But don’t tell the Blacks!)

Way to go Being Liberal, way to go.

* No, I don’t watch Fox News. I haven’t had any television service since roughly 2001. I have Netflix, Crunchy Roll, Amazon Prime, and a library card.
** Yes, I only know that term from Sons of Anarchy. Damn, is that a good show.


4 thoughts on “Tales from Liberal Land: Facebook Fun

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I have known a few bikers in my time. None of them were statists, nor were they collectivists. Very few of them were political enough to bother with the left-wing/right-wing distinction, as they really just wanted to be left alone to live their lives. Every one of them that I recall making a statement on the subject of the westboro ass-hats, sincerely disliked that group and would gladly stand between the westboros and the funeral of a child or a soldier (in fact, a few even did at one point or another).

    While I accept that the westboros have their 1A rights, I certainly believe that the fathers of any children who’s funeral is disrupted by that group SHOULD also have the right to, at very least, punch a few noses. Sadly, the world, and the law, doesn’t work the way I think it should.


    • Ish says:

      I think we’ve all read the (fictional) account of the man who stole some Toys for Tots who was confronted by a couple of Marines… when the police arrived to take him into custody, they found the suspect had sustained three broken ribs, numerous bruises, a black eye, and other blunt force injuries when he “fell off a curb.” The story is false, but it is one we all want to be true.

      I think that most Americans — right, left, up, down, or sideways — would let a father or other family member get in a few licks if the WBC were protesting a child’s funeral. Yes, I believe in the WBC’s right to speak; Yes, I think the best solution to offensive speech is counter-speech; Yes, I believe that we should try to live up to the better angels of our human nature and resist punching Phelps in the throat… but, yeah, I also understand the human response to give into that little devil on your shoulder, urging you to kick the guy’s ass.

      “He Had It Comin'” isn’t a defense I ever want to see in the legal code… but, I think most juries would buy it in this case.

      • Julia says:

        As a defense to murder, it generally goes to intent (i.e. something done in the heat of the moment as a reaction to a specific trigger is NOT done with malice aforethought, hence the usual distinction between first and second degree murder). It is not a defense to assault, but a jury may think it warrants less of a punishment.

        I am dedicated to the rule of law and oppose vigilantism (with limited exceptions for emergency defense of self, property, and others, and super villains who cannot be stopped by regular police), so I very much believe the proper response is either more speech or ignoring. I think these bikers have it right, actually, as long as their barrier remains non-violent.

      • Stuart the Viking says:

        A friend tells me that the Phelps family is lousy with lawyers, and has used them on many occasions to enrich themselves when said punching has occurred in the past. I donno, didn’t bother to look it up.


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