Movie Monday: Good News from Illinois (Schadenfreude Update)


January 7, 2013 by Ish

This is Illinois General Assembly Representative Elaine Nekritz (D-57th) acting in her capacity as chairperson of the Judiciary committee and pulling the two bills which would have banned standard-capacity magazines and the most common firearms in America. As she says at the top of the video, her phone lines and in-box have been flooded with feedback from constituents opposing this bill.

So, to the NRA’s chief lobbyist (or is that “community organizer”?) in Illinois, Todd Vandermyde, the fine folks at and the Illinois State Rifle Association, let me extend a heartfelt congratulations.

This is the end of the line for gun control in this legislative session… the session that ends this Wednesday. There is nothing to stop the legislature from introducing these bills in the next session. So good work, Illinois, take the afternoon to have a celebratory adult beverage of your choice, but get ready to repeat this in a month or so when they think you aren’t looking.

Schadenfreude Update: With a generous tip of the hat to Bitter and Sebastian, we can enjoy this photo of the look on Illinois State Rep. Edward Acevedo (D-Chicago), sponsor of the gun bans, as discovers the fate of his bills. Standing next to him, busily texting (and I like to imagine masterfully resisting an internal urge to giggle at Acevedo), is NRA’s lobbyist for Illinois.


One thought on “Movie Monday: Good News from Illinois (Schadenfreude Update)

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I grew up in rural central Illinois. Nice place. I have thought about moving back there over the years, but just couldn’t see living under the rule of Mordor. Since politics in Illinois is dominated by Chicago, I have always believed that eventually Chicago would foist it’s extreme anti-gun laws onto the rest of Illinois. This wouldn’t be good for the rural areas where having a firearm at hand to deal with rabid wild animals, not to mention feral dogs/feral hogs, is sometimes a must. Where I grew up, the Law Enforcement was sometimes hours away. Days for non-emergency calls, if they bothered showing up at all.


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