Quote of the Month: Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse


February 15, 2013 by Ish

Today’s Quote of the Month, and an early frontrunner for Quote of the Year, comes from Michael Z. Williamson’s amazing essay “The Post in which I Puss Off Everybody. I highly suggest you RTWT, but here’s a spoiler of the payoff:

First they came for the blacks, and I spoke up because it was wrong, even though I’m not black.

Then they came for the gays, and I spoke up, even though I’m not gay.

Then they came for the Muslims, and I spoke up, because it was wrong, even though I’m an atheist.

When they came for illegal aliens, I spoke up, even though I’m a legal immigrant.

Then they came for the pornographers, rebels and dissenters and their speech and flag burning, and I spoke up, because rights are not only for the establishment.

Then they came for the gun owners, and you liberal shitbags threw me under the bus, even though I’d done nothing wrong. So when they come to put you on the train, you can fucking choke and die.


Or you can commit seppuku with a chainsaw. I really don’t care anymore. This is the end of my support for any liberal cause, because liberals have become anything but.


6 thoughts on “Quote of the Month: Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    Last year, I shocked all my friends by proclaiming that “I have come to embrace my inner racist”. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I am really going to change anything, I still feel that a person’s character and actions are a much better indicator of a person than something as inconsequential as skin color. What I mean is I no longer care. When people think that I am a racist because of something stupid (see THE BIG LIST OF RACISM link above), I no longer care. let them think so. I will expend no more energy trying to fit in to their ever-changing ideas of what is proper and what is racist. Again, keep in mind that I have never been one to use race as a way to judge a person’s worth or worthiness anyway*.

    Make no mistake, this has cost me a few friends (one such screaming at me calling me a bigot). But the way that I look at it, I haven’t really lost anything. If those “friends” (a few of which I was friends with for 15 years or so) don’t know me well enough to know how I feel about things, then were they ever truly friends to begin with?

    It is interesting to me to note that all of the friends that I lost over this were of the liberal/progressive political persuasion. I guess they didn’t like that they couldn’t use political correctness to put me into their box anymore.


    * Well, there was that time in the 4th grade, but after it was explained to me that I was being stupid, I re-evaluated the idea and that was the end of that (Tammy –can’t remember last name–, wherever you are, thanks for setting me strait, I still think you are awesome all these years later).

  2. Ish says:

    Thing is, despite Williamson’s bitter commentary at the end, I believe it is going to be the liberty-minded conservatives and libertarians that stand up for the other guy “when they come to put you on the train.” I can’t see Rosie O’donnell or Piers Morgan hiding my great grandparents in their attic.

    With next Tuesday marking the 71st anniversary of Executive Order 9066 — which paved the way for 135,000 American citizens and legal resident aliens to be locked up in concentration camps — this seems rather timely. We have put our fellow citizens into box cars in living memory. It might not happen again, it might not happen anytime soon, but I’ll be dammed if I am going to let the government make it easier.

    • Stuart the Viking says:

      I believe you are right there. It is more likely that today’s liberals/progressives would be the ones cheering for the government agents who are putting people on the train; providing it is a Democrat/liberal/progressive government doing the putting which I think is FAR more likely than even the most extreme of Republican government behaving in such a manner. Not because I think Republicans are any nicer. It’s mostly because I don’t think the Republicans could maintain power for long enough to get there if they were of that bent. As for Democrats, after some of the moral mental gymnastics that i have seen in the last few years, i worry that they are closer to this than we think*.

      On the converse, I think liberty-minded conservatives and libertarians will be the ones providing the bulk of the resistance either way. Maybe it’s because I belong to that group and everybody likes to think of themselves as “the good guys”, but I don’t think so.

      Who knows though… times and political climates change.


      * For those of you who take offence to this. Remember, if your opponents truly believe something this terrible of you (absent hyperbole), then there is usually a reason.

      • Ish says:

        Let me be clear, I am not one of the tomfoolery beanie crowd that thinks FEMA is building death camps in Indiana or Obama is going to declare the Tea Party to be a terrorist organization. But no one living in Germany in 1919 xpected the rather quaint German Workers’ Party to become the National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1920 and they really didn’t expect it to be building death camps in Poland a decade latter. Governments can, have, and will turn into tyrannies… If we give up our arms in 2013, what chance to the Jews of 2113 have when the box cars start to roll.

  3. Jake says:

    Not to say worse things are on the way, but… Well, it hasn’t been but three years since the DHS tried to classify returning veterans as “potentially dangerous” individuals since they tended to hold conservative views. Less than two years since a US Marine was tossed into a mental institution for posting negative comments about the Obama administration on FaceBook. Less than one year since a number of liberals cheered the loony who tried to shoot up the Family Research Council headquarters as taking on a hate group.

    That said, I’m not worried. Merely… Concerned. My estimation is that enough people are becoming dissatisfied with Mr. Obama’s performance that I don’t think he can depend on popular opinion to universally rubber-stamp his proposals. His tax policies hit everyone who draws a paycheck, not just ‘the rich’; his “US as a bully” approach means he’s never been able to count on the votes of the military; and his modus operandi of race politics and being Santa Claus means that if he wants to court a particular population – Hispanics, or voters in coal states like my Virginia, for example – that effort means short-changing another group, such as the black community or environmentalists.

  4. Woodman says:

    When you run something off of guilt you have to continue to fund fresh supplies of it.

    I can’t even count the number of times that someone has countered my fact based argument with “Well, I’m not sure of the statistics, but I feel like that isn’t so”…

    Wait, aren’t I supposed to belong to the party of science denial? Feelings can be manipulated into almost anything, while a robust set of facts can be twisted, there is a limit to that.

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