Two Minutes Hate 3/1/2013


March 1, 2013 by Julia

(some of these were supposed to be last week’s, but I got distracted)

Today’s installment of Two Minutes Hate is brought to you by rape-rape, which is apparently less rapey than Audi, but more rapey than Bill Clinton.

(Can I just say right now that these liberals are hypocritical slime?  For two years we heard about this mythical “War on Women” bullshit, wherein I’m apparently at war with myself because I’m just a stupid girl who got tricked by the rape-loving Rethuglicans into parroting their agenda, and now these assholes literally want to make it easier for rapes to occur by disarming women “for their own good,” and they somehow aren’t the ones at war with me?)

1. Here is a headline for you: Fox News Host Doesn’t Think Campus Rape Is a Real Problem. His Co-Hosts Think There’s Only One Real Solution. (yes, with the period)


More from the first paragraph:

During a Fox News roundtable today discussing a Colorado bill that would allow women to carry concealed weapons to prevent sexual assault at colleges, The Five co-host Bob Beckel delivered this Twitter-baiting beauty: “When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?”


More from the fourth paragraph:

Beckel, who served in Jimmy Carter’s State Department and later ran Walter Mondale’s presidential campaign, often serves as something of the de facto liberal voice on the Fox News program (or at least what counts for it on the conservative-leaning cable channel). Liberals, of course, would probably prefer to be represented by someone who poses more nuanced hypotheticals than ones involving a drunken and gun-toting fraternity wandering on to campus.

OH NO, THAT EVIL DEMOCRAT BOB BECKEL, right?  Nah, he means well, I’m sure.  Not like those evil Republicans who want women to defend themselves!  Now those guys (all guys, of course) are assholes.

2.  Meanwhile in Colorado, Democrat state legislators have all sorts of recommendations for how to fend off rapists.  There are rape whistles, ballpoint pens, and buddies (be careful with the mace or the taser–much like advice given by Joe Biden, that advice can get you in trouble because mace and tasers are sometimes just as banned as guns).  Of course, women, be careful when defending yourself, because you’re too stupid to know if you’re being raped. “Oh, maybe he’s just saying hi . . . with his penis.”  Sure.  Asshole.

NOTE:  the buddy system is actually a good idea to minimize your chance of becoming a victim in the first place.  If you go out to a club or a party, don’t go alone–and leave with the buddy you went with.  But being in a group is not enough if you are actually attacked, which is why having a weapon is a good idea.  I do not, however, recommend carrying a gun if you intend to drink alcohol or take drugs.  That is a bad idea, as is getting so intoxicated that you are not aware of your surroundings.

3. And let’s not forget the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, which released an absurd list of ways to protect yourself from rapists.  Three of them (“Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself,” “passive resistance may be your best defense,” and “some actions on your part may lead to more harm”) veer dangerously close to “lie there and take it.”  And really, is someone who gets off on raping people going to be turned off by urination, vomit, or menstruation?  I happen to think a better response is a bullet to the balls, but you should actually aim at the torso, because it’s a bigger target.  That is, of course, if you can even figure out you’re being raped, you stupid female.  Why don’t you just shut up and lie there and let the men legislate?

Can I also point out that Virginia Tech was a gun-free campus at the time of the shooting there?  Clearly, gun-free zone signs don’t do a damn thing to stop crazed shooters, and yet Colorado just voted–in the face of specific evidence that their policy is dangerous–to disarm people on campuses.  Absolute idiocy.

4. OMG, I’m sitting here typing, and an anti-voucher ad just came on!  It’s seriously dumb, too.  I’m not going to post a link, because it’s by a local organization, but the thesis is that taking money away from public schools to give to private schools hurts children and . . . (wait for it) . . . takes away their choices.  SERIOUSLY.  Giving parents more choices to get their children a great education actually minimizes the number of choices and hurts children.  It is better for them to stay in failing schools than go to a school with better results.  Wait, what?  Are these people on crack?  Oh, wait, teachers’ union money.  Duh.  Our child is not even born yet, and we already have our top three charter schools picked out (they all have lotteries due to the number of applicants, so we might need some back-ups).  Well, I say “we,” but I mean me, since my husband thinks unions are awesome.  Yeah, I know, but he’s cute.  At any rate, we have decent public schools here, but I’ll be damned if someone in a union who can’t be fired for incompetence or outright violence teaches my kids.

5. Joe Biden is an idiot.  His advice sucks.  That is all.

6. Barack Obama is not quite an idiot, but he doesn’t know Star Wars from Star Trek, and I know some people for whom that is more important than politics.  But . . . “turning off geeks who had considered Obama to be one of them?”  Really?  Who thought that?!  The dude was a stoner, not a gamer!  Can he even name an anime besides maybe Pokemon?  Ugh.


7 thoughts on “Two Minutes Hate 3/1/2013

  1. Dave says:

    The Colorado “guns on campus” thing is even more ridiculous (and ominous) than has been presented in the media. Concealed Carry Permit holders have actually been allowed to carry for years on Colorado State University campuses and a couple of years ago a Colorado Supreme Court decision extended it to other campuses. So for years it’s been legal and there have been no incidents that I am aware of in which Concealed Carry Permit holders used a gun improperly. (Not surprising if you actually look at the stats and see that statistically that group has a lower crime rate than the police.) But mere facts and reason do not matter in the face of the invincible ignorance embodied in the dogma of the church of collectivism. Only the deified State may have the means of lethal force. The Democrats won control of the state House as well as the Senate and Governorship in the recent election and the first thing they did was trot out the stack of proposed gun prohibition legislation they’ve been sitting on in anticipation of this event for year. Also, Bloomberg is funneling money to the Prohibitionists, and the Obama Junta pressured potential swing-vote Democrats in the House with threats of a primary fight when they come up for re-election. This gave them 7 votes that made the difference. California, here we come!

    As for Biden’s advice, it is not only stupid, it’s a felony in most states. Get convicted of a felony (of any kind) and you can no longer own a firearm.

    • Julia says:

      Remember, these days laws are passed based on what SOUNDS and FEELS good. Forget data, statistics, logical reasoning, the outcome of previous, similar policies . . . the only thing these people consider is what sounds good to the low-information voter. Some mom on the street who hasn’t researched the statistics is going to hear that they’re banning guns on college cmapuses and feel happy that her baby will be safe. Nevermind, of course, that Virginia Tech (and the theater in Aurora…) had already banned them, and it didn’t work. Nevermind that her baby is now more vulnerable to attack, because guess what, the kind of people who rape, steal, and murder don’t care about laws and signage, so the only people disarmed are the victims. As long as she FEELS safer, she’ll keep voting for those idiots.

      (but I confess, I am shocked this is going on in Colorado. I worked on Colorado issues back in the day when I did some some political work, and the state always struck me as quite liberatarian-leaning)

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    ( “Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself,” “passive resistance may be your best defense,” and “some actions on your part may lead to more harm”)

    Ok, I can see where they are coming from with these.

    The first is actually some pretty good advice. DO be realistic about your capabilities with regards to protecting yourself. Where the University gets it wrong is what to do with the insight gained by this introspection. If you find that your ability to defend yourself is lacking, don’t just “lie back and think of England” (as I presume the University would want you to), DO something to even the odds. Pepper spray, self defense classes, a knife, and yes even getting some training (and a license if required) and get a gun.* Do not rely upon others for your safety, especially the police (who’s job ISN’T to protect you. Their job is to catch the bad guy afterwards). Other people will not always be there. Sooner or later, we all walk alone. The best advice is to prepare yourself accordingly.

    The second and the third really should be lumped together. Rape is generally more about power and violence than about sex. Some more, some less. Assuming a completely defenseless victim (which is what the rapist, and the University, would seem to prefer) facing a violent rapist, the best advice might very well be the same as when being attacked by a bear. Simply, go limp. Don’t fight. Take the fun out of it for him. Will it keep you from being raped (or mauled by the bear)? No. It won’t. BUT, when you are recovering (if your attacker allows you to live) you can hang onto the warm fuzzy feelings that the attacker probably didn’t enjoy it quite as much as he would have if you fought back and he was able to FORCE you. It might, just might, also reduce the rage a little and give you a tiny little bit better chance of surviving the encounter. Tiny. Maybe. sometimes…. maybe…

    It’s crap advice, given by people who care more about an agenda than about people’s health, safety, and happiness. Much better advice would be to acquire the tools and the training; learn to defend yourself. The University, and the rest of the anti-self defense side would never tell you that because… well… dangit, I can understand the mindset of a rapist, but I can’t fathom the inner workings of the minds of those who would advise people to “lay back and take it”.

    Evil lurks in this world. Be prepared to face it. Have the will to defeat it. Or be destroyed by it. This is what each person must chose for themselves.


    * please check on the legality in your area of any of these suggestions. Often times, even the Government is against your ability to defend yourself. I am not suggesting you do anything illegal. However, if given no other choice, you must decide for yourself what your safety is worth.

    • Julia says:

      I get the point of what they were trying to get at, but like you said, those “tips” minimize potential harm and duration, not the likelihood of rape in the first place. Everyone always wants to criticize advice like, “Hey, maybe don’t get wasted in a room full of people you don’t know” as something like “blaming the victim,” but it’s actually good advice to avoid getting into a situation where you might have to choose betwen lying there and taking it or fighting back and risking enraging him more.

      And of course, not all rape victims are drunk girls at or returning from parties (I have no clue on the statistics, but it just makes sense). Sometimes a girl just walking home from a night class can be a victim–which is where weapons come in, because I feel like maybe you shouldn’t be brandishing weapons if you’re drunk. If I had to walk home from a function at night, I always had keys in my pocket to use as a weapon, and I paid attention to what was around me. I don’t think I would have carried a gun if I had a license, largely because I just didn’t feel threatened enough to justify the hassle, but I was never unarmed. I had a boken in my dorm room in case someone broke in, too (my senior year, I lived in a house where you could get into any room without a key, just by wriggling your ID card between the frame and the door. I put my desk chair under the door handle and my boken next to the bed), and I practiced two martial arts. Not enough to be an expert, but enough to make it not worth someone’s trouble, or to delay until someone responded to the shouting.

      You have to be smart about it; you’re never going to stamp out assholes who want to rape people, but you can make yourself (and your friends can make themselves) marginally safer such that the number of victims is as small as possible. You should also be able to choose your own level of safety and security. I may not have needed a gun on my northeastern liberal arts college campus, but I live outside of a city now, my husband works nights, and we’re having a baby soon–anyone who tries to break in had better damn well believe that I’m going to have a gun. I’m just waiting for the range down the road to offer the beginner’s class again.

  3. Mininerd says:

    […] a follow-up to last week’s Two Minutes Hate, I noticed that Colorado female state legislators are getting in on the war on women […]

  4. […] taxes on the rich as if “the rich” will act the same way liberals want women to act (lie there and take it) and somehow not choose to minimize their taxable income or leave the jurisdiction altogether.  […]

  5. […] What he presumably meant to capture was the situation in which the husband is at work or otherwise away from home, his wife is home alone, and some random person drives up the driveway.  Okay, I’ll buy that–that’s why I’m buying a gun, except that I don’t live on a farm in Iowa, because women have the right to defend themselves, their families, and their homes regardless of the state in which they live.  Except . . . well, unless the random person driving up the driveway gets out with a weapon in hand, it is illegal to greet him or her with gunshots.  If it’s someone just turning around because they’re lost, recommending that someone grab her gun is kind of dangerous, don’t you think?  Underneath all that poor verbalization, Obama’s really just giving us Joe-Biden-style bad advice. […]

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