Tales from Liberal-land

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March 12, 2013 by Julia

(In case you’re new here, Tales from Liberal-land catalogs encounters with regular liberals, as opposed to politicians and professional talking heads)

Actual conversation I had last night (paraphrased):

Me: MSNBC and Fox are the same thing–I don’t watch any television news, I get all my news online.

Liberal: MSNBC is liberal, but Fox is so inaccurate.

Me: Actually, not so much.  The few times I’ve watched either channel, I’ve heard much more outright stupidity on MSNBC.

Liberal: No way, Fox lies!

Me: When was the last time Fox was sued for doctoring tapes?

Liberal: Last year.

Me: Please elaborate.

Liberal: The wire-tapping thing.

Me: o.O  That was not Fox News, it was The Sun in the UK, and it wasn’t doctoring tapes.

Liberal: The same guy owns both companies!

Me: So what?  They’re two completely different companies on two different continents–one is a tabloid and one is a television news channel.

Liberal: They’re the same company.

Me: That’s like your brother getting sued for something, and then you being sued for the same thing because he’s your brother so you must have done it too.

Liberal: But Rupert Murdoch knew the tabloid was doing it, and he also owns Fox, so he must know that Fox is doing it too.  (I swear to you that I am not putting words in this person’s mouth, this argument was actually made)

Me: Um . . . do you have any proof that Fox is wire-tapping anyone?

Liberal: Do you have proof that they don’t punch children? (again, this was actually said)

Me: What in the world are you talking about?

Liberal: I don’t have any proof that they don’t punch children, so maybe they do.

Me: This makes no sense.

Liberal: I don’t need proof that Fox isn’t wire-tapping people because Rupert Murdoch knew it was happening in the UK and he also owns Fox, so it must be happening here.

Me: *headdesk*


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