Liberals, this is why no one wants to join your club


March 15, 2013 by Julia

In one day, leftists attack someone who has just announced that he now agrees with them, and then attack a guy who just lost a family member.

Seriously, maybe you would convince more people to change their minds about sensitive issues if you didn’t attack and criticize them for doing so.

Liberal: “Hey, you’re wrong about gay marriage!”

Conservative: “Hmm, now that I have spoken to my gay son and spent time considering what he has to say, I must conclude that you are correct.”

Liberal: “WTF, asshole, you have disagreed with us in the past, so how dare you agree with us now that you know you are related to a gay person?!”

Brilliant strategy, leftists.  See how well that works out for you.  Seriously, I understand the sides both as Ann Althouse and her commenters who disagree with her have stated them.  It’s shady to change your deeply-held convictions just for your family members’ convenience, but it’s also legit to change your mind after having serious conversations with people.  I don’t take a position, mainly because I have no interest in discussing the substance of gay marriage, only the manner in which other people approach the issue.  But, I get both sides of this particular sub-question, as set forth by intelligent adults like Althouse and her readers.  My point here is that, just perhaps, the best way to convince people to change their minds is not to attack the people who do change their minds.  You know what that does?  Discourages mind-changing.  Duh.

(I thought about creating a “Liberals Behaving Badly” Category, but I think that would be almost every post on this blog)


4 thoughts on “Liberals, this is why no one wants to join your club

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    My experience has been that when “the left” has decided that you are the enemy, nothing you do is going to get your name off that list. Once on the list, anything you do can and will be used against you (even its agreeing with them). Any leftists that are seen to give you the benefit of the doubt are at risk being put on the list themselves as a traitor. It’s a lot like a high school clique in that regard.

    I suppose this is also true for some other points on the political compass.


    • Julia says:

      I don’t think you’re wrong that all sides do this, but I think the right has a different, opposite trait that we see even more often from them (and it drives me nuts). Whereas the left has a Hate List and everyone on that list must be hated forever and ever even when they agree with the left, the right immediately and irrevocably turns on people at a moment’s notice. I like the people I like, and it takes a long time and a clear history of votes/positions I don’t like to change my mind. Yes, there are some situations where I draw the line (I will not vote for anyone in a primary who voted for the January fiscal cliff deal, for instance, which means both my senators and my representative, plus Paul Ryan in the 2016 presidential primary), but I think we need to maintain some sort of loyalty or unity instead of turning on each other all the time if we want to have any hope of putting together a small-government coalition. I often mock the left for circling the wagons around real losers, and I have no problem purging actual criminals from our ranks, but we need to start finding common ground with each other.

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