Okay, this is a thing now


March 18, 2013 by Julia

I briefly mentioned in my last post the possibility of a “Liberals Behaving Badly” category, but wrote off the idea because it would get used on pretty much every post.  But, since liberals attacking people for agreeing with them, but in the wrong way, is apparently an actual tactic, I’m creating a new category:  Bizarre Tactics.

Case in point: this Oregon law professor, who agreed with some immigration protesters (on policy?), but then berated and physically attacked them for protesting non-violently.  THAT’s your problem, left!  No one wants to join you because you’re non-violent! If you just show your violent tendencies by attacking people who agree with you, surely more average citizens will sign up to join you.  GENIUS.


2 thoughts on “Okay, this is a thing now

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    While the government is filling lists of “people to watch” with Tea Party members, liberty minded individuals, 2A proponents, former military members, and conservatives (none of which have a history of being violent), most of the violent protests in American history have been by leftist groups, who they AREN’T putting on the lists. Case in point, Prof. “Shoot me first”. There he is, actively trying to instigate violence. Do you think he’ll be put on a list? I doubt it.

    As an aside. If we ever get someone who shares our views on liberty back into power*, I will be just as against blindly putting opponent groups on lists without cause. People like Prof. “Shoot me first” deserves to be on a list. He actively TRIED to instigate violence. The immigration protesters that he was trying to instigate to violence do not. They were assembled peaceably, as is their right.


    * I’m not convinced that that boat hasn’t already sailed.

  2. […] bizarre ways the Left chooses to promote its causes.  The one that comes up a lot is berating its own allies.  It makes no sense to me–if you want people to change their mind and join you, […]

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