Tales from Liberal-land: isolated incidents are not so isolated


April 9, 2013 by Julia

This weeked, I was talking to a liberalish friend of mine who works in the public school system about why I subscribe to Glenn Reynolds’ belief that sending one’s children to public school in this day and age is parental neglect.  My child will, of course, attend charter school (our first choice is the local Montessori school) and will not go anywhere near a unionized public school.  During the course of the conversation, I brought up another reason that I refuse to put my child in public schools today: absurd over-reactions that indicate school administrators are stupid, tyrannical, or both. As Prof. Reynolds puts it:

When schools and teachers react hysterically to such non-threats, they’re telling us one of two things: Either that they lack the ability to respond realistically to events or that they recognize that there’s not any sort of threat, but deliberately overreact in order to stigmatize even the idea of guns. The first is educational malpractice; the second is educational malpractice mixed with abuse of power. Neither inspires confidence in the educational system in which they appear.

My friend’s response, when I mentioned the first incident that came to mind, the corner-ripped-off-a-piece-of-paper case?  “Those are isolated incidents.”

Really?  Then explain this: Dad’s Pistol License Pulled After Son Makes Water Gun Threat in School, which happened on March 1 (by which point, schools should have learned from the mockery received by other schools for similar shenanigans–as should have the police).  The Infowars article on this incident includes a handy list of other silly incidents of over-reacting school administrators (I would rarely use Infowars as a primary source, but Alex Jones is much like a stopped clock–and it’s hard to argue with a list of links).

By the way, can we also talk about how the school suspended–and filed a police report on–a kid who discussed the use of toys he and his friends didn’t even own, but failed to do a damn thing about the actual bullies?  And somehow only one of the students was suspended, but not all three imaginary toy users?

Prof. Reynolds is right:  keep your children the heck away from public schools.


2 thoughts on “Tales from Liberal-land: isolated incidents are not so isolated

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yep. The schools are so very focused on this crap that they have forgotten to provide an education.

  2. Ish says:

    My daughter attends a private, Orthodox Zionist day school. Because, dammit, if I’m going to have agenda-driven zealots brainwash my children in a wacky belief system, it’s going to be in the wacky belief system of my choosing!

    And ya gotta like a school that sees a not insignifigant number of its graduates join the IDF.

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