Patriots’ Day, Interupted.

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April 15, 2013 by Ish

Today, is Patriots’ Day the civic holiday in which we remember the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It is observed on the third Monday in April, although it is sadly not a national holiday merely a state-level one in Massachusetts and Maine.

Each year on this day, I make it a point to read Hymn: Sung at the Completion of the Concord Monument, April 19, 1836, but much better known as simply the Concord Hymn was written by Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1837 to commemorating the Battle of Concord and the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Boston celebrates Patriots’ Day every year with a marathon that you might have heard of…

I had planned this post to tie the recent push by our Congress for ever more restrictive gun-control to those revolutionary battles… But, given the events presently unfolding in Boston. Well, I just cannot bring myself to do it. Unlike the worms at the New York Times or CNN I will wait until the evidence is in before I rush to blame others or hurl insults. That’s why I’m not a real journalist.

Anyway, here’s Ralph Waldo Emerson with something to raise our spirits on this suddenly tragic holiday.

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.

On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set to-day a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.

Spirit, that made those spirits dare,
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare
The shaft we raise to them and thee.


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