Useful link is useful: The Southern Strategy debunked


May 1, 2013 by Julia

As you all know, silly accusations of racism by the left make me giggle.  But sometimes, leftists may seriously try to argue with you and insist that Republicans are racist because OMG SOUTHERN STRATEGY!  Here is a link with several references deunking the Southern Strategy argument. 

Oh, also, why did it take so long for the Republicans to make inroads in the south?  Oh, yeah, that’s right–the Republicans ended slavery.  But, you know, we’re racist and hate black people.  Clearly. 

(I added a new tag for useful links, in case you forget to bookmark one of the links or something)


One thought on “Useful link is useful: The Southern Strategy debunked

  1. Ish says:

    The depesprate desire for the Democrats to see the Southern Strategy myth as reality strikes me as equal parts oikophobia — the loathing of classical Western ideals of home, tradition, family, and faith still seen as virtues and not vices in much of the South — and good old fashioned self-loathing-turned-denial — they cannot, will not, must not admit the true history of their own party.

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