An exercise in futility


May 7, 2013 by Julia

So my reaction to Peter Beinart’s Daily Beast article “Yes, Democrats Can Be Racist” was, “Um, duh?”  I mean, I’ve seen Runaway Slave and I maintain a list of racist things said and done by liberals, so it wasn’t news to me that the party of Jim Crow, the KKK, and Margaret Sanger–which during the Great Society period switched its tactics to destroying the black community with seemingly-benevolent paternalism–was chock full of racists.  Now, are they all racists?  Of course not.  Most of them seem to have good intentions.  They honestly want to help the less fortunate, and have been tricked and lied to about the effects of “progressive” policies, and the motives of their opposition.  I am willing to work with these folks to develop solutions that really do help people.

What Beinart is really talking about are the people who claim to want to help others, but then turn around and show derisive condescension to those they claim to want to help who do not toe their line.  Let me spell this out for you:  “I want to help minorities, they are clearly struggling in today’s economy.  Hey, you, minority!  Let me help you!  Wait, you don’t want my help?  Well fine, not only are you not a real minority, you’re a traitor to your [insert group type here] for not agreeing with me, because everyone else in your group agrees with me!  You should go back where you came from!”  Now really, why should I believe someone who tells me he wants to help group X, when he is so rudely dismissive to actual members of group X?

(In practice, I personally see this from actual Democrats not in relation to race, but in relation to economic status.  My dear liberal friends will gleefully inform me that they just want to help the poor and I obviously don’t care about the poor, and then turn around not five minutes later and say something incredibly rude and elitist about poor folks.)

But anyway, as I was reading Beinart’s article, I was curious how Democrats would spin Dick Harpootlian’s and Bill Richardson’s comments, so I read the comments on the article.  First off, I have to report that the spin was so predictable that it was boring.  Harpootlian was obviously talking about the private sector, not India; Richardson was simply telling it like it is, because most Hispanics don’t vote for the GOP.  Right.  I also found it hysterical how many leftists threw around insults like “knuckle-dragger” to describe Republicans, working off the assumption that we are all racists.  Where did you learn that assumption, hmmm?  Do you ever talk to Actual Republicans?  Beause yeah, if you did, we’d be happy to tell you all about how our preferred policies will benefit every single American, regardless of interest group membership.  OMG THE RACISM, IT BURNS!


2 thoughts on “An exercise in futility

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    On the other hand, Republicans (and others who are opposed to the Democrats, or at least the progressive end of that party) need to be wary of seeming to cry wolf.

    Like it or not, the Democrats currently OWN the race card space. If the Republicans want to use it, they are going to need something solid. The Democrats are already spinning this one as telling her to “go back to being an accountant” rather than “go back to India”. Quite frankly, it isn’t even that hard of a spin. “Send x back where he/she came from” is used fairly often in politics in a completely non-racist way, often by grumpy old white men against grumpy old white men (where no race question exists).

    The American people already largely yawn and change the channel when this sort of accusation comes up. More of the same isn’t going to help matters.

    The best way for the Republicans to beat the Democrats when it comes to race is to keep on doing what they are already doing; promoting minority candidates, listening to minority issues and finding where conservative ideals can help with those issues, and silencing the few real racists that exist in the party.


    • Julia says:

      I agree that the best way for the GOP to be successful among minorities is to demonstrate how conservative policies are good for them–because they are. I don’t think they’re already doing that, though. Republicans tend to ignore what they perceive to be unfriendly audiences and just do rallies among supporters. I was very much in favor of Romney talking bluntly (well, as blunt as Romney gets) to the NAACP, because economic freedom helps EVERYONE, of all races. The GOP doesn’t do that enough, though, and we should do it more.

      I know that “Hey, you do it, too!” is a fallacious argument, but I can only take so much of being called a racist before I lose my patience. I don’t want to get all foot-stompy about it, but it’s just plain unfair that we have to operate on a different standard than the left. If I said about Barack Obama, “I want to send him back where he came from,” meaning Chicago, I would immediately be branded a racist, and potentially a birther–even with an available innocent interpretation. I think the right is finally adopting the Alinsky-ite tactic of holding the opposition to its own rules, and I can’t say I’m opposed to it.

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