Ew, conservatives in my anime!


January 24, 2014 by Julia

Things may be changing soon that may allow me to post more.  Keep your fingers crossed…

Anyway, this week’s Answerman column has a kind of hilarious question about EchoLight Studios, which is a Christian movie studio linked to the same company that owns Funimation, and shares some staff.  The current CEO is the Left’s favorite villain, Rick Santorum.  The letter-writer is SUPER CONCERNED that buying a Funimation DVD might advance something called “the conservative agenda.”  If someone can explain to me how buying Ikki Tousen advances any conservative agenda at all, I would love to hear it.

The comments on the article are equal parts funny and sad.  Since I don’t get into internet arguments anymore, this is what I would have posted:

It’s kind of amusing to me that everyone is so up in arms that there might be CONSERVATIVES! all up in your anime. It’s very important to only buy anime from people who agree with you, amirite?

(But if anime company staffers are allegedly so liberal, and you can only buy anime from people who agree with you, where should conservatives buy their anime? Does the alleged liberalness of Funimation employees cancel out Rick Santorum at a related company, such that no one can ever buy anything from Funimation ever again?)

If you don’t want to patronize retailers that are run by conservatives, fine, that is your money and your choice. If you don’t want to patronize retailers that are run by liberals, fine, that is your money and your choice.Frankly, I don’t care. If I want a product, I will buy the product.

Also, is there anyone more intolerant than a liberal?  “The guy who runs a company that is somewhat related to a second company does not agree with me, so I cannot buy anything from the second company because that guy who does not agree with me might get some of the money.”  God forbid we interact with people who disagree with us!   “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,” to quote a Democrat.

2 thoughts on “Ew, conservatives in my anime!

  1. Jake says:

    One possible explanation is that they’re projecting. If they assume that everything they like has a political message underpinning the story – Avatar, White House Down, Elysium, and the like – then it may be natural to assume that all entertainers do this, even those they disagree with. Under that assumption, they would avoid any works from conservatives because they don’t want to be bothered with the opposing viewpoints they assume will be present.

    Sometimes it’s actually not as unreasonable as it sounds. Al Gore and Michael Moore, for instance, can safely be ignored because the only hand they have is heavy. Mr. Correia has endless examples of writers who buy in completely to the “message fic” theory, and writing about dying polar bears only gets you so far.

    That said, though, I loved Terminator and Aliens, despite my misgivings about James Cameron’s politics. I’ll buy every Firefly comic I can get my hands on and see Avengers 2 without hesitation, regardless of how much Joss Whedon grated when he went on his anti-capitalist rant. They can build a fascinating world, tell a good story in it without resorting to shots across the bow, and whether I agree with how they vote is utterly irrelevant.

    Oh, and welcome back! Here’s hoping you can find some free time.

    • Julia says:

      Thanks 🙂

      In terms of Western media, I agree completely–I don’t like the politics of most people in Hollywood, but if they tell me a good story about interesting people in a creative world, I’ll totally see their movie (or read a book or comic, etc.). A perfect example is Modern Family. I thought it would be nothing but propaganda, so I resisted it for years. I recently started watching it on a whim, though, and fell in love, because all of the characters are well-developed, realistic people. I feel the same way about 30 Rock, too.

      I have a very low tolerance for stories that are thinly-veiled leftist screeds, though. I almost stopped reading the otherwise excellent Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series because of Iron-Kissed, which was one of those “this book is about prejudice against a race of fantasy creatures, which is TOTALLY ANALOGOUS to prejudice against gay people” books. That particular theme sets me off, because why are you criticizing “prejudice” against a race of creatures who freely admit to hunting, killing, and eating humans, and then trying to argue from that to prejudice against gay people? I have never once heard of gay folks hunting, killing, and eating people. Prejudice against a race of creatures that preys on humans is completely justified, so the analogy doesn’t work. /rant

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that theory really works for anime, though. No one at Funimation or EchoLight is actually writing the anime. They just buy the license and distribute the show in North America. If viewers are worried that the anime released by Funimation is suddenly going to be Christian or conservative, they really aren’t paying attention, because the content of the shows comes out of Japan. Funimation’ catalog crosses genres and ratings, everything from G-rated comedies to TV-MA horror shows, so I don’t think they’re licensing only “wholesome” shows.

      I suspect the culprit here is rank bigotry. The “conservative agenda” comment gives away the game–the writer is prejudiced against Christians and/or conservatives. The only two ways it would make sense are these two scenarios:

      1. Buy a Funimation DVD –> Funimation gives the profits to EchoLight –> EchoLight invests the money in a Christian film –> the Christian film promotes a Christian and/or conservative message


      2. Buy a Funimation DVD –> Funimation gives the profits to EchoLight –> EchoLight pays the money to Rick Santorum –> Rick Santorum uses his paycheck to run for office or donate to a conservative and/or Christian cause.

      Once the money is paid to Funimation, the original buyer does not own the money. It becomes Funimation’s money, and Funimation can spend it however it pleases. I couldn’t care less how money is spend after I give it to another private entity (with the caveat that if I give someone a gift to do/buy something important that s/he can’t afford, that person had better spend my gift on that thing to which I wanted to donate, or I will feel tricked). If the letter-writer cares, that is her/his prerogative, but it’s kind of bigoted to be so concerned that GASP! a Christian or conservative may receive the money five steps down the line.

      Flip it around and say that Funimation is a sister company of a music studio that is run by a black guy. Someone writes in and says, “I don’t want to buy from Funimation because the black guy who owns the related company might profit, and I don’t want to support the black agenda.” That would racist and creepy, and it’s no different than what this person (and all the commenters on the Answerman article) are saying.

      (And by the way–White House Down was hilarious. I made my husband take me to “Die Hard in the White House” for my birthday, and I loved it. The political background was on so much crack that I giggled about it for days. I loved how the Military-Industrial Complex (identified as if it were an actual organization whose name should be capitalized) seemed like something that people could join and get a membership card for, and somehow it managed to plan an invasion of the White House for months because of a policy that wasn’t even announced until the day before the invasion. Apparently the MIC is psychic!)

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