Fed up with many of our fellow geeks and nerds who have bought into the doublespeak lies of the Left, we decided to create our own blog where we can combine our loves of geekdom and politics.  Some posts will be purely political, some posts will be purely nerdy, and some will be a mixture.  What you can expect is that you won’t be reading along about something (say, an awesome book) and suddenly the author throws in a ridiculously uneducated statement about how awesome socialism is–or that you won’t be reading a great essay on politics in which the author, out of nowhere, blames all of society’s ills on video games.  Welcome to the Ministry of Nerds.


Julia is an attornJuliaey in a big city in the Northeast, with an undergraduate degree in political science.  She was a book geek before anything else, but now also enjoys anime, comics (American and Japanese), and role-playing games.  She frequently describes her political affiliation as “angry conservative,” and is, in fact, usually angry.

Ish is an stay-at-home dad in the suburbs of Metro-Detroit, with an undergraduate degrees history and business management (paralegal).  He was a gaming geek before anything else, but now also enjoys comics (mostly American and British), cinema, theatre, role-playing, and wargames.  He general describes his political affiliation as “minarchist,” because he enjoys using obscure jargon that no one has ever heard of.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Genie says:

    Julia! We are sisters in another life, I’m sure. Bookmarked and linked to my page, if you don’t mind.

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The Ministry of Nerds

We're nerds . . . who talk politics.

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