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  1. Infamy

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    December 7, 2012 by Ish

    Seventy-one years ago today, the Imperial Japanese Navy came to the Hawaiian Islands in order to protest Anti-Japanese propaganda cartoons …
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  2. Almost back

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    November 9, 2012 by Julia

    I’m still not quite up to posting (for various reasons, not just the election debacle), but yes, I am alive. …
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  3. Savages, Civilization, and Empty Chairs (Graphic Content Warning)


    October 2, 2012 by Ish

    Recently, headlines were grabbed by an Egyptian-American attention whore journalist who took issue with an advertisement urging support of Israel …
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  4. Movie Monday: Imagine

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    October 1, 2012 by Ish

    With protests allegedly against The Innocence of Muslims video spanning the globe, U.S. officials desperate to shift the blame away …
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  5. Bumps in the Road


    September 24, 2012 by Ish

    J. Christopher Stevens, United States Ambassador to Libya, a 52-year old man who had dedicated his life to promoting democracy, …
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  6. Incompetance abounds


    September 14, 2012 by Julia

    More details are emerging on Foreign Policy Amateur Hour.  To sum up the big points reported by the Independent, the …
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  7. Not-so-free speech (September 13 useful idiot round-up)

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    September 13, 2012 by Julia

    We all know by now that the US embassy in Egypt regrets our free speech.  But did you catch the OTHER …
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